I purchased this a month or so ago. Very impressed, I have not yet had a chance to play it yet. I also so the next one in the series will get that one the next pay day.

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My copy just arrived today in the mail. I posted earlier how excited I was to see John Cooper's artwork gracing a shipping product -- which is none other than Waterloo 20. This is definitely a game I suspect I will be playing shortly, given it's small size and scope. My available bandwidth is limited to pocket games at best right now.
I was very lucky to get in on the ground floor with Victory Point Games from the start with Drive on Metz and the Napoleonic 20 series with playtesting. Now not only a tester but a game designer with VPG too. My Austerlitz20 is in testing and the test kits for Vittoria20 should be ready soon. We're trying to finish up Albion20(Invasion of England) and then the Smolensk/Borodino combo game will be next after that.

Yes John C. has done a wonderful job on the map,counters and charts. I love his remakes of classic AH mapboards he has done and posted for us over on Consimworld to download.

I'm finding that the series is good for a quick game. something I too anymore need to have for enjoyment. Plus they are dense little buggers. so many tactics and how to play each side in such a little package. Joe Miranda truely created a great new system
Kim, thanks for the 411 on some of the other projects in the works from Victory Point Games!
Just ordered this today, along with Crisis 2020. I like what I've been hearing about these games and figured it was time to try them out. Thanks for the update Kim, I was also not aware the "20 series" was being expanded to quite that many battles.
I sent in to Alan yesterday the game ' La Rothiere20' for the system. That battle was fought just before the famous ^ Days of Glory during the 1814 campaign on France.

I had a month ago sent in the map and unit counter info for Wagram/Aspern- Essling & Bautzen but need to finish up the Exclusive rules and event cards for those two.

I'm thinking of redrawing the map for Bautzen. I'm not to happy with what I had on it. Maps are not my thing! But I was happy with the way Austerlitz has turned out( the test kit map looks really nice the way Alan has made it)

We more or less have finished the new updated Standard rules for the series and now need to do some last minute tweaking of Albion20 so that can go to John C. for the art work ,then out the door to you all :)

We have had some great discussions with series designer Joe Miranda on new things we have added to the standard rules and with each game in general..Joe is happy with the way the series as taken off and with each new game coming out. So I guess it's onwards and upwards.
Getting a chance to finally play this tonight with a buddy (Chris Fawcett).

Looking forward to seeing your games Kim. Especially the Austerlitz and the others (I am not too keen on the hypo English invasion one, but I'll buy all the others you design).

Looking forward to Borodino/Smolensk and the ones you listed Kim.

Great games for great prices and excellent customer service!


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