So what are your favorite Nappy games and rulesets?

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Wellington's Victory ( I have two flatbox versions both unpunched)
War and Peace
TAHC Waterloo (what a classic)
No, Can't say I have Chuck. I don't use Cyberboard. Could never figure the darn thing out. Have ADC however.
Favorite Napoloenic Games:

Tactical Games--the stuff Bowen Simmons is putting out. Wow. Sure, others have better tactical treatments, but these are games that LOOK like Napoloenic warfare and can be played in an afternoon. What more do you want? Yes, I love the LA BATTAILLE series, I like WELLINGTON'S VICTORY/NEY VERSUS WELLINGTON, and sure, the Napoleonic Brigade System by The Gamers/MMP scratches a lot of itches for me. But...I can't help it...Simmons Games...I could never get enough of this. THESE ARE GAMES I can teach people and recruit new wargamers with. Like I used to do with Columbia's/AH's NAPOLEON...with those wonderful BLOCKS....

Operational games. Okay, how much competition is there for that? To me, it's Zucker/OSG...OSG and Zucker. The latest 2X series is marvelous. Not that there's a whole lot of people trying to horn in on that part of the market share...

Strategic games? GMT's THE NAPOLEONIC WARS is admittedly hard to beat and I'll probably not go back to EMPIRES IN ARMS or even WAR AND PEACE....
Bonsoir a tous, grognards! Like probably most of you I have played the Clash of Arms La Bataille rules. The latest 'unofficial' rewrite, the Regs year XXX, puts a playable command system in place that places some realistic constraints on how fast units can react to a situation.

Am interested if any of you have a favorite set of miniature rules, I still use a modified version of GDW 'Fire and Steel.'
La Gloire de Guerre from The Games of War. Yes, I'm biased. But it's played well even at the Lake Geneva Games Convention, the home of rpgs! The book has another set of miniatures rules for Napoleonic armies and one more for skirmishes, and 36 more sets of rules for everything else.
John you have a link to this one?
Rulesets - depending on level of play, General de Brigade, Age of Eagles, or Volley and Bayonet ( new ed out soon).

For board games, I dont like to see tactical games in that format to be honest - minis do it so much better. So for board games it has to be campaigns - VGs 1809, AH W&P, Nap at Bay (AH version) all spring to mind.

Fire and Steel!!! Wow! You really do like the old style. I remember them well, and still have a set on my shelves. Nicely boxed, which was unusual at the time for minis rules. There were quite a few big holes in them for my own preference though. I guess Ive played most minis sets in my day! :o)


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