Are all the members of this group also members of the P2P podcast website forum? And if so, what advantages do you see being/posting here as opposed to there?

One advantage: the forum interface is easier to use- especially when adding pictures.

One disadvantage: Neither Jason nor Scott appear to be members.

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I'll remind myself to send them a note to join this weekend.
I did join, but it is difficult to keep a presence here, consim classic, BGG, and my own site. I suspect Jason has even less time. So what do I post here that I do not post on my own site or do I copy everything three or four times.... I suspect this would be best used as a MySpace sort of environment with breezy topics and pictures.

It is a nice site and easy to use. It makes me wish I knew more about web design so I could make my site friendlier. I will look around a bit and see what other people are doing.
I just now noticed you were here. Welcome. I guess we will stop talking about you behind your back here.
ason Rocks, and Scott Rolls (Low, I suspect). Seriously, I'd hope this group does more to bring people into the P2P website for the real focused comments on the podcasts. As for me, I'm addicted. And I've not even played NAPOLEONIC WARS!
Another advantage of congregating here instead of the P2P site is there is one less special purpose forum/web site I need to visit. I prefer web sites that congregate content (BoardGameGeek, ConsimWorld, etc) as opposed to visiting numerous individual web sites. I'd prefer to see P2P podcast discussion here rather than on the P2P site. Personally, I prefer non-threaded discussion lists to threaded lists.
Speaking of P2P Podcast discussion... I finally caught up with the recent podcasts while driving to and from the recent GMT Weekend. I think the interviews (John Kranz, Rick Young, etc) are great and are the best part of the podcast. The reviews are interesting too although they tend to reveal how

There are a couple of aspects of the podcast that I'm less enthusiastic about... The constant put-down of Euro games is becoming tiresome. Hey, if Scott and Jason don't like Eurogames, that's fine, but they don't need to knock them every time they're mentioned. Yeah, I know they aren't serious (they aren't, are they?) and maybe it was funny the first dozen times, but it just getting old now.

Also, the focus on "competitive gaming" is a put-off for me. Not every gamer (not most gamers, I suspect) consider competition to be the main focus of wargaming. I know that there are two camps when it comes to this topic, but does it bother anyone else that Scott often mentions his win-loss record when he talks about the games he played? Does anyone beside Scott really care? Does Scott realize that for most gamers, playing a game and not winning is not a "waste of time"?

When it comes to the convention reports, which I do like hearing about, I'd rather hear more about the games played and the personalities involved than I would how many games were won or lost or where Scott or Jason placed in the tournament.

Please consider the criticisms above to be on the level of "nitpicks". Point 2 Point is a good podcast and I enjoy listening to it. I look forward to hearing more from Scott and Jason.

-- Kimbo
Just a couple of clarifications and some answers to your questions:

I really don't like Eurogames. I find them tiresome and repetitive, although Jason tends to knock them on the show more than me.

I really, really like competitive gaming and I am interested in how others do as well. The conventions we attend are competitive conventions, so the focus of the conversation, while about the games, is also about who won what. Winning first place in something has meaning to me and I am sorry that you feel it is pointless for me to share that with you. Believe it or not, I would genuinely be interested if you placed first in a tournament.

Does anyone care about how I do at the conventions? At least 2 people. I have no idea if it is more than that and I really don't care.

Yes I know that winning is not everything and I actually find that comment insulting. I have repeatedly stated that I am competitive and like to win. Winning to me is a measure of how well I understand the game, which is essentially a big puzzle. I do not play to recreate history, I play to test my skills against my opponent. Losing a game is an opportunity for me to adjust my strategies and learn from my opponent. Is this shallow and pointless? If so, I really don't care. I have enough friends and opponents who think enough like me to keep me occupied at the conventions and at home.

There are people who fast forward through the interviews because they are more interested in the talk radio aspect of the show. You are the opposite. I suppose we could change the format to suit you, but we won't. Another good example is some people find are reviews overly long winded and would much rather have a concise product. Meanwhile, others like the rambling and enjoy the thought process that we essentially talk through on the air. We probably should take more time to prepare for the review and talk it over in advance, but we don't. I am not convinced it makes the show any better or worse.

Feel free to fast forward past to the interviews and skip the rest of our prattle.
Hmmm, I'm afraid I stepped on a nerve and that wasn't my intention. Perhaps I shouldn't have made any criticisms of the podcast in the first place. I just wanted to point out that I felt the podcast would be better if the focus was more on wargaming and less on win-loss reports and anti-eurogame comments.

Clearly we come at wargaming (and gaming) from different angles and have different tastes. I'm sorry if you felt my opinions were insulting. Good luck in your future tournaments and may the Point 2 Point podcast continue to be successful.


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