Well this discussion can be about SPI's version, DG version and the variants as well. These variants are of course the "un-official" LA and KC errata groups and the two versions of the electronic version (CWIE-1, and CWIE-II). I have and enjoyed the SPI version the most. I don't like (or think there is a need for) the KC/LA errata groups. I have the rules for DG's version but sometimes I think that version adds more confusion then SPI's. I have played the heck out of CWIE-1 but it has a lot of incorrectly interpreted rules. I have been a play tester for CWIE-II and by far it's the best because you can choose map and counter style along with rule sets (SPI or DG) as well as a host of optional rules and what have you.

Here is the text from SPI flat tray.


War in Europe is a corps/division level simulation designed to recreate the massive campaigns of 1939 to 1945.

The most striking feature of the game is the map. Over 25 countries are delineated with their various industrial and resource centers, major and minor ports, significant modularized in four booklets: The Standard Rules Booklet, plus Exclusive Rules Booklet for War in the West, War in the East, and War in Europe (which links the other two). These are supplemented by several square feet of charts and tables.

War in Europe is a three sided game, with Player's interests identified with the fortunes of either the Western Allies (Commonwealth and USA), the German dominated Axis, or the Soviet Union. Ideally there should be three Players.

Both the Axis and the Soviets must run their own war economies (beginning with 1939), choosing within certain broad limits what combat units to build. They must choose whether to build relatively expensive strategic units such as Air Points, Airborne capability, etc., or the more common ground combat units. The routine of production is executed in the Strategic Cycle, an event which occurs every fourth Game-Turn and includes, in addition to Production, the U-Boat War, Allied Reinforcement and, as the game progresses, the Allied Strategic Bombing of the German Production system.

Those Players who do not wish to envelop themselves in the full game can choose from a selection of Campaign Scenarios which pick up play at historic watersheds like D-Day or the start of Barbarossa, or even more abbreviated games in the form of limited historical scenarios using one to four maps. These dispense with the Strategic Cycle in its entirety and simulate the major events of the war, such as the Fall of France.

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Does anyone think that War in Europe was one of the most hobby changing wargames to come out? Ron
Well first we have to look at the grandfather of WIE, that being War in the East 1st Edition. That defiantly set the stage. Of course right about that same time GDW did DNO, but the rules were not as well written or refined as WitE1. WitE1 had 4 maps and 2000 counters, simply unheard of back then. When WIE came with 9 maps and 3600 counters it did set the stage for monsters.
Monstergaming certainly got its start with WIE 1st Edition, DRANG NACH OSTEN, and Martial Enterprise's LA BATTAILLE DE LA MOSKOWA, but WAR IN EUROPE took it to a new level. Only after the publication of that game, CAMPAIGN FOR NORTH AFRICA and the 1st Edition of WAR IN THE PACIFIC did we see the EUROPA system take super-monsters to new heights. Certainly there are two tiers of monsters--the big boys and the super monsters, the latter of which WAR IN EUROPE is certainly the father.
Is there anybody willing to copy this map for a fan of these games?


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