I'm currently embroiled in two design projects, but I'm constantly letting my mind wander off to new ideas and subjects. One idea which has got hold of me is to make a game based on the book "48 laws of power" by Robert Greene. I would like to place it in Shanghai between 1937-41, when you had all these groups (criminals, nationalists, western powers, Japanese and what have you) struggling against each other to get on top. If made ríght, I believe it could be an exciting multi-player game.

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Kim, have you ever played Panther Games' Shangai Trader. Different era obviously than what you are considering here, but I wonder if the mechanics or general flow of the game system may be similar.
I haven't seen that game. What is it like?
My ideas are still quite vague but I would like to force the players to be Machiavellian and use all the raw rules of power to survive. This doesn't mean that one always has to be brutal (sometimes it is smarter to yield to the stronger - temporaily), but one always has to be smart and, in a sence, ruthless.
Is it a game like Junta(WED)?
This game is a game of the strategy of politics and battle game.
Among strange ideas I have in terms of designing, I have for long a project call "France Libre" , playbale in solo:

- The player is de Gaulle, starting alone in London.
- His goal is to "conquer" (the word is not appropriate...) France and France colonies. He would win if president of France in 1945 May 8th
- The WW II curse would influence the game event and so on
Why not start in 1940 and end in 1962 and make it a card driven game where one player is de Gaulle and the other represents the men opposing him (the 3rd republic, the 4th republic and later the military). Each game turn is a year during which you can play up to four cards (representing a season of political as well as war events). Go for it!

I would be happy to paytest it.
Good idea. I have to think to it in details.

We can discuss it. I have alreday several project for 2008, but i should find some time for it
Same here about the wandering...while developing a game on Operation Nordwind, I jotted down ideas for a solitaire game which I have tentatively titled "Picket Duty" - the player is the captain of a destroyer while performing radar picket duty off Okinawa in 1945. The goal - survive the day as kamikazes try to sink your ship and inflict maximum damage to the U.S. fleet supporting the U.S. troops on the island.
I have had similar thoughts. But, in my case, it is placed on Emden (the German small raider 1914). Her mission is to survive and inflict damage to the British while doing so.
Wow. Sounds like a cross between LUST, CAUTION (a recent Chinese movie about Hong Kong and Shanghai during the early Japanese occupation) and THE WHITE COUNTESS (an older American movie about Shanghai when the Japanese took it over. I think you are right--this would be a GREAT game....
Thanks, the whole point is to apply Robert Greene's "48 laws of power" which means that you really have to be wise and smart to survive. Do things that might look submissive while you wait for the right occasion to strike and so on. This game will demand a lot deep thinking to design and to play :-)
I wonder if it's possible to create a hybride between a wargame and a roleplaying game. I have a small roleplaying system which I call "panic tonight" and which is written just on one piece of paper. The idea was to have a quick and dirty system for a tense roleplaying session just for one evening. So I'm wondering if one can incorporate the system into a normal game? Pehaps into the Shanghai game idea.

I don't have time for my daywork. I have too much to do :-)
I don't know how new this idea is, but - for sheer craziness - here goes: I have a large number of pretty counters and some maps, sold to me by a defunct outfit known as FGA (Fresno Gamers Association). It was sold under the title "The Eagle and the Sun". Has anyone ever considered writing rules for this messy collection?


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