I have designed a system for insurgency/counterinsurgency wars. Hopefully it is applicable to several topics. In any case, if you wish to go through a game turn. Check this out:


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There must be some kind of promise of reforms, in order to win the hearts of the population, if one was to use the system in "Ici, c'est la France!" for Rhodesia and Mozambique. The military forces can conduct counterinsurgency but you will not win in the end unless a better life is promised. In Rhodesia, that could perhaps be translated into the new 1979 constitution of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe. But in Mozambiqeu after 1968, what would that be? Full Portuguese citizenship or autonomy?
Kim, have you looked into Recent Trends in Thinking about Warfare and Wargaming Fourth-Generation Warfare by Al Nofi?

IMHO combined they would be an excellent backbone for any COIN game.

No, I haven't yet. Could you outline it for me?
Well, there was a kind of hope, after Salazar's fall, that the new government could have solved the problem of the war, by making some kind of agreement with the African nationalist movements. The whole problem was a "dead end". In Mozambique, the war could go on indefinitely while Rhodesia and south Africa remained in the hands of white governments. The "premium" for the resistance in Mozambique could be either a greater authonomy (linked to Portugal), or a "white independence", as in the two mentioned countries. In fact, this solution was attempted in 1975, but it was defeated by FRELIMO with the active cooperation of the (revolutionary) portuguese forces still in place.

These solutions must be worked out, but it will depend on how far in time goes the game. We can always assume that the 1974 Revolution will occur, if the war is not won after a certain period. The player would just have to avoid the accumulation of certain political and military events that will trigger the revolution (including the fall of the two "white governments" in Rhodesia and S.A.). Just ideas...

Below are links to each piece. They are deeplyintertwined so you will want to look at both.

I'm afraid that you missed to write the links.
Sorry, I put the link in, I wonder why they did not appear?



There one of those two ways should work.

Bill, these two documents are outstanding...thanks for making us aware of them.
Roger, it is what I do after all!
I'm interested in the general topic, but I have trouble making sense of the walk-through without knowing the design philosophy, the rationale for the mechanics, etc.

Take a look here: http://social.consimworld.com/group/icicestlafrance

Among the comments I have written a short version of the mechanics, although it is not entirely up to date.
I have just received John Nagl's "Learning to eat soup with a knife". It discusses the counterinsurgency in Malaya and Vietnam, which for me will be very interesting to read.


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