Let's get this thing going!

I want to wargame, and there are plenty of folks here to get a PLAYER WANTED board going!

I'm generally available on weekends and from time to time on Friday evenings.  Monday - Thursday are out of the question for me generally because of work.  I typically play at Gamers Armory, through I'm not opposed to travelling to other local venues.

I'm looking to play any of the following with people:

  • Breakout Normandy
  • Great Campaigns of the American Civil War
  • Battles of the American Revolution
  • COIN series games
  • Musket & Pike 
  • GBOH
  • Here I Stand & Virgin Queen
  • For the People
  • Paths of Glory
  • ASL

I'm an easy opponent who rarely wins and is always in need of some rules schooling!  I'm most familiar with GCACW, COIN, BoAR, and ASL.  I am happy to learn and play or be taught and play any of those others.  I have some other games on my wishlist, but I'm too green to even ask I suspect...

  • Unconditional Surrender!
  • The Dark Valley
  • France 40
  • Fleet Series (I have everything but 5th fleet)
  • VG The Civil War
  • A World at War

Again...I'm willing to learn darn near anything.  Finding a group of gamers who are willing to even get together bi-weekly and knock out a time consuming monster like A World at War or The Dark Valley would be very cool as well.

Let me know if you're interested in some gaming and let me know what you want to play.  You can reach me through the site or  via e-mail at keith@gamesontables.com

For others - get posting and let's see if we can get some more gaming going in our local game stores!

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I live in Greenville, about 90 minutes away, and am willing to travel for extended sessions of gaming i.e. 10 - 16 hours, and even for more than one day. Alternatively, I can host extended sessions in my house. At the moment I am playing The Dark Valley which is awesome.

 Mark aka Marquo

Hi Mark - 

Thanks for posting.  I think there will be plenty of time for a LONG gaming session.  I'd love to get a full game of Virgin Queen or Here I Stand going.  Any interest in those games?

Unfortunately, generally the weekends are not good for me but I can do weeknights. I'm already in a group that meets on Thursday nights at my house in north Cary and others are welcome to stop by and check us out if they're interested.

Having said that, I have been doing some rules work for the next game in MMPs Grand Tactical Series, this one on Sword, Gold and Juno beaches during D-Day. The designer, Adam Starkweather, has asked if I could arrange a demo/playtest session on a Saturday at the Gamer's Armory in late July or August. I've contacted Scott about it and I'll try to remember to announce it here when it's set.


I would SO be open to this.  I own Where Eagles Dare...sadly missed out on getting Devil's Cauldron (won't make that stupid mistake again...) so I'm very eager to see how it goes with D-Day.

What time do you generally run your event?  I'm in the 3-corners region of Cary....  Live in Cary, Apex Mailing Address, with Holly Springs out the back of my neighborhood... Getting to various parts of Cary is no problem. 

Well, this is the first one I've held like this, but my guess is that we'll likely start when the store opens (10 AM?) and go as long as there's interest. Scott said he and Crystal will be working on their upcoming schedule in the next few days so maybe we'll know more by this weekend.

Yeah wargamers got screwed for July because the Wargamers Sunday is right after the 4th! lol


I am trying to master the Dark Valley and would appreciate a FTF partner.


I'd definitely be open for some Dark Valley.

How does your mid-July look?

I will check my schedule - do you know how to play? If not the Living Rules are on the GMT website. Also there is a really good VASSAL modules. The Consim website has great player's aides.

I am reading through the rulebook!  I should have it knocked out by the time I'd be available in Mid-July.

Take care to read the Living Rules; do you have a hard copy of the game?

Anyone interested in some wargaming over the next three weeks?  I am really interested in getting Kim Kanger's Tonkin (about the French Indochina War) on the table.  Second choice would be Unhappy King Charles.

If we could get four people I'd love to play Fire in the Lake.

I live in Chapel Hill, but down towards Pittsboro so Cary and Durham (Gamers Armory and Atomic Empire) are almost equidistant.  I'd also be willing to drive wherever.


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