I bought this title when it first came out. I have had fun with it ever since. One of my favorite games.

Fun, fast action, and a general all-around great game.

One of my gaming buddies also like this game and hopefully we can game it one day.

I must admit I have not played it in a while, hum, the wife is away today perhaps...

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About 20 years ago a friend of mine bought this game after we read Red Storm Rising. We played it a lot. At that time the Soviets never lost a game. He gave it to me several years ago and I found out we were playing many of the rules wrong. Since then I don't believe the Soviets have won a game.

One memorable game I played solitare had the Soviets pushing hard between Hamburg and Hannover (like always). I thought I ahd enough NATO strength in the area so I was counter attacking south of there (8GA area) with the US and Germans. On turn 6 or 7 somehow the Russians blew a 5 hex hole in the NATO lines. Basically the Belgians and British were gone. At the end of the Russian turn I remember thinking "How in the world did I NOT see that coming...I'm playing myself.....I should know what I am thinking". I love a game that when played solitare can cause you to surprise yourself.

Great to see you here. The last couple of times I soloed it (I always use chem) the Soviets won and NATO won. I can't remember if I used Nucs or not off the top of my head but chem is the way to go as the Soviets. I have a couple of other Soviet tricks that gets me through the gap, the North German Plain can be a bitch, but I remember bleeding the Brits, Germans and Danes and getting all those city hexes.

Man it's been a long time, need to dig out the rules again.
I loved this game when I got it back in the 1980s, but lost the rules when my family packed up house and moved (I was in the army at the time, so I didn't get to pack my own stuff!). Since then, it's been a constant search for the rules... I got a scanned copy mailed to me a while back, but would love to get my hands on the original!
I'm in the same boat as Neil, except I don't even have a scanned copy of the rules. Anyone have a soft copy they can send me?
I only ever managed about 3 turns on this one. I guess when I was in college my gaming buddy and I couldn't be torn away from Bismarck long enough to play this one. I still own it. I'll have to solitaire it sometime.
Got it cheap when it was on Nobleknightgames.com. I've only set the pieces up, then took it down. Quite interesting... would love to PBEM it sometime.


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