Is it only me, or do you see a coming storm ahead? Granted the options that I see, after the US leaves Iraq, can be covered in the old scenario's but I wonder if a updated scenario should be done...In fact I am already thinking of how this could be done without the addition of new counter..AH is not what it once was.

Gulf Strike 2012

Iran has taken proxy control of Iraq, after the US pulled out. She is now going to purge the middle east and settle two scores...
the first is the old score with the Sunni clerics, and the second is with the West and Jews. Iran is indirectly backed by Russia at the start of the conflict but that soon Russia uses the spike in Oil costs to pull several break-away countries back into her fold..and moves to expand this into the rest of Eastern Europe. Tensions of war with the west rise to levels not seen since the 60's. The big question is who will China side with, as Oil becomes scarce? At the start of the century China modernized her army. In 2007 China started a massive build up of her navy (largest since the US in WWII), and by 2009 she had more than doubled her force, including 1 carrier with a navy that is more a match for the US...will Russia and China openly back Iran and start WWIII?

Welcome to Gulf Strike 2012...

Take charge of the US and Sunni Arabs in their effort to stop Iran, and restore the Oil supplies.


Take charge of Iran and Russian forces in their effort to cut off the Oil supplies and force a realignment of global power..or WWIII.

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David P,

I don't mean to be a a-hole and all but Gulf Strike was done buy Victory Games (Yeah I know AH Light or AH Heavy depending on your point of view). I would need to dig out my copy of Gulf Strike along with the expansion Desert Shield seems to me to be a good Starting point - But I really do believe you would need an overhaul and some major new counters because of major changes in units, firepower, armor, information gathering, and other things.

Though I believe the whole region would be a wonderful region to do war games about. From a Theater level, to an Operational Level, down to a tactical level. If I can help drop me a note!

AH bought VG years ago, I do not know what happened when AH was bought. In fact I think AH owned VG when Gulf Strike came out, but that is just too long ago for me to remember. AH was a great board game company, but I guess it suffered from folks like me growing up and spending lots of time at work...

Not sure there would need to be many changes..some carriers have been replaced with a new carrier class, but beside adding to CVA-63's ( granted it was replaced by CVN-77) movement I am not sure there needs to be much changes. Not even sure it would be worth the cost to try and track down a company to create the counters. Armor, Mech, and infantry units are going to be about the right levels vrs other countries. The most notable exceptions would be the new detection equipment the US has, but my guess is that Iran is picking up Russian the big change would be in the detection range of some units. The US has upgraded their Artillery, but I am not sure it ranks a extra shift or a extra point on a die roll vrs Iran's Artillery..but again this would not require new units but changes to charts.
My plan is to keep China out of the the board but active in world events, one could use units from Aegean Strike for their units...But they would have to get there, and the US would try and stop them off the map, most likely this would be around Japan and down to Java. China could send units though Russia, and that might be worth thinking about.
Uploading my 3rd Ed rule it currently stands.


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