I am once again looking at this scenario. The scenario covers a lot of ground, from a quick strike south on Aug 2nd to Desert storm. I wonder if the problems I have with this scenario comes from this broad range of start dates. The UN victory for Iraq is very easy to gain in the first few start dates, and I am thinking that a UN victory would have required more than just shutting down a Oil Terminal hex for 10 turns. (very easy to do, in fact you should be able to shut down two or all three for a time).

I am thinking about making a few changes to this scenario..1st the US did not start deploying until Aug 7th, but may of the commands started planning between Aug 2-4th, long prior to the alert notice. Thus there were more deployments from MAC and MSC than the game would allow, during those early days. Also the US supply is a grave problem, supply was sent from places all over the world at the same time the FSS ships were heading to load up the 24th Mech Division.

On the Iraq side, they used their Guard divisions to take Kuwait City, and became bogged down there for 4 days. Plus they had to maintain their forces along the Iran border until Aug 16th when they made a deal with Iran ending the conflict and started redeploying those forces.

Thoughts anyone on how to update this Scenario?

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I have worked on the Gulf Strike revised edition some more..getting very close to being done. Need to figure out what would be good victory conditions, I am play testing variant 1 now.


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