After a dry run to re-familiarize ourselves with the rules and general procedures, we have re-started Scenario 2. After two sessions (8.5 hours total), we've completed 5 turns.

Soviets have taken Tabriz, Rasht, Zanjan and Kermanshah in the west, where the bulk of their ground forces are deployed. They also have the 1st Tank Army within 4 hexes of Tehran in the east. Mashad is under siege, but holding. The Afghanistan Army is having supply problems (thanks to the U.S. and Iranian air forces) and is stalled about 10 hexes east of Kerman. A Soviet Airborne division dropped deep behind enemy lines to size three unguarded cities (Arak, Kashan and Esfahan). Arak and Kashan have been retaken by force, and the remaining airborne regiment in Esfahan is about to be eliminated.

On the strategic map, the Soviets still have a DDG and CVH (with two hits) remaining. Unfortunately for the U.S., the Backfires have sent CV-63 to the bottom of the Arabian Sea! The timely introduction of the British SSGN, due to random event, has allowed the U.S. to maintain a stalemate on the strategic map, while awaiting the arrival the CV-65 on turn 7. The movement of U.S. ground forces from Diego Garcia to the mainland has begun, but the Supply Head is still on Diego Garcia, so the 20 strategic hex supply line must be maintained.

We'll post some more details of the game over the next few weeks. The sinking of CV-63 is probably worth a paragraph or two... a cautionary tale for future Gulf Strike players :-)

The game resumes next Friday (December 18th) with turn 6.


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When we initially began moving forces from Diego Garcia to the port and airfield in Strategic Hex K-09, up moved the Kittyhawk battle group to provide cover and also to employ the mine sweeping SH-3 unit as Scott the Soviet was liberally placing mines wherever he could, to include a heavy concentration in and around the straits. Once up in the northern Arabian Sea, it was determined that we really should not allow the Soviet Fleet-in-Being, consisting of a CVH, one or two surface combatants and a two submarines, to remain unmolested off the Democratic Yemen coast, threatening the SLOC from Diego Garcia simply be malingering there. As Kittyhawk and its group moved down the coast to engage the Soviet flotilla, it was detected by a s=Soviet submarine which was prompted dispatched to the bottom. That began a cascading attack by a number of Backfire bomber units. F-14 CAP did its thing, Air Force F-15 from a base in the UAE conducted some interceptions, but numbers prevailed and Scott's Backfires got through. Tat combined with some inverse die rolls, good ones for Scott, not so good ECM for the US and down went Kittyhawk in Turn 5.

Good fun finally getting this on the table with live players...after all these years. :)
We continued last night though Turn 8. The Soviets are tightening the noose on Tehran. I'll leave it to Mark to elaborate the Iranian ground situation.

The US effort consisted of numerous special forces operations. We are agreed that it takes quite the effort to keep it all straight...and legal. After realizing a error in placing US forces in Oman (Strat K-09), probably due to starting Scenario 1 last time, the US started to shuttle forces into Bushehr from K-09 and the supplehead at Diego Garcia. A concerted effort to target the Soviet logistical network in Iran was less than satisfactory. The Eisenhower CVBG arrived, decisions need to be made on how best to employ it without suffering the same fate as Kittyhawk at the hands of Scott's backfires.

The Soviet Air Defense Table sure is nasty.
Well fast forward to the end of Turn 16 last night. After linking up the western and eastern elements south of the Caspian, Scott's Soviets have finshed their consolidation as far south as Esfahan(A2732) and have apparently begun to focus on a massed, slow, movement through the mountains of Strat Hex G-06 toward the two cities, Ahvez and Abadan. It is here that much of what is left of Mark's Iranian army is setting into a defense. As the Americans go, CV-68 is conducting a painstakingly slow movement north on the Strategic map escorting the various LHA, amphib's, and transp's carrying the "heavy" forces of 24th Mechanized Division. The teeth of Soviet naval forces in the Indian Ocean have been eliminated. Once CV-68 links up with CV-65, mine sweeping in the straits will begin in earnest. Threat of Backfires is still a serious concern. Back on the operational maps, the US and Iran have begun to establish a logistics net from from Konark toward Kerman and Bushehr.
Hey Mark are you playing with or without the 20 hex CAP range for CV's?

Yes, we're using the 20 hex CAP range.


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