what are you gaming, or planning on playing? I figure on bringing Combat Commander to the next Miniature Wargaming Society meeting on Saturday. I did get to play in the new Blackbeard game that Kim Beatty ran at A1 Comics. I also got to the Tuesday get together at Crepeville on 18th and L street. I managed to get in a game of Race for the Galaxy but think I manage a wargame the next time.

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The latest MWS meeting happened on Saturday. We had "A Call to Arms" B5 starship combat game with 6 players. It looked fun, was interesting with all the cool starships and the players complimented the GM over the game.

I got in a Squad Leader Miniatures game that Eric Lee Ran. We had 4 players, Chris Osborne and I commanded Germans, Keith Sullivan and Don Delis ran the Russians. Eric ran an old SL Critical Hit scenario, "Brandenburger Bridge" that involved some German commando troops holding a bridge during the invasion of Russia. The Germans had positions on both sides of a bridge with building that they had to hold to win. They also had to prevent the Russians from destroying the bridge. There were German reinforcements coming in on turn 1 and Russian reinforcements on turn 3. We had to hold until turn 8, a slight modification from the scenario due to table size. Eric uses well painted Microarmor and terrain that varied from felt, for marshes/rivers and roads, to models for the building and bridges. The game came down to the 7th turn with the Russian's, under Don Delis, close assaulting the building on the Eastern end of the bridge and taking it away from the Germans. My troops were unable to take the building back in the next turn. It was a close and hairy situation with lots of missed opportunities, weird die rolls and some heroics on the part of our lead soldiers.
A great game was had by all.

Next meeting is Saturday June 14th at the Carmichael library, from 11-7 with only one game on tap, a Hordes of the Things game.
I'm going to be at Hero Alley, 3500 Sunrise, (just Google it) to do some boardgaming this Saturday starting at around 11 or so. A1 Comics is doing a 40K thing so we aren't going to be able to play there. I am bringing along my Combat Commander and a few other games.
Kim Beatty and I played Prussia Stands Defiant from Worthington Games on Saturday at A1 Comics Roseville. Other than the fact that we got a few things wrong, it was an interesting game and we are set to play in a few weeks. There was an ASL and Stone Age going on at the same time.
I have been playing a lot of the World at War series, specifically Eisenbach Gap. If you haven't tried this, it's simple fast and seems to give a good feel for the, hypothetical, War that Wasn't. The combat is fast and deadly with long ranges possible, for example the Abrams can fire out to 20 hexes. If anyone wants to give this a try, let me know.


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