I have a friend who had introduced me to WoW about 2 years ago, and I have seen his interest in the game waning. The trouble is, the cards are so 'slick' that they are difficult for him to manage, without their position being distorted/bumped, etc. While I have noticed this, especially with a new deck, it doesn't bother me so much. However:

- is there something out there that one of you all has tried, to improve the 'grip' of the card backs?
- if so, what?

I have played on a laminated top table, sanded plywood, green felt battlemat, and [shudder] the new WoW mats[slipperiest of all!].

Suggestions appreciated - thanks,


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I think you're friend needs to get a life if that's what bothers him. I don't believe any flat surface will be perfect. If the cards are bumped or moved a bit, well, then you just adjust them the best you can. After all, it's only a game. I mean...I'm just saying...life takes some funny twists and turns. Why should a game that is supposed to simulate a real life event be any different?

Generally, I agree with you; however, the guy is over 70, has big, hammy hands, and not the best visual acuity. Otherwise, I'd just tell him to "suck it up". :^)

Hi Jim,

I have the similar experience while I was taking the role of referee of three or four players. When the battle field is getting crowded, it seems to be difficult for the pilots to manage.


Actually, in a refereed game, I have not trouble; after players reveal their cards, I will lay/play them. Players will often have to help [i.e., your 3-card overlap picture] by holding certain card while other are tilted/lifted. The slippery surface makes it a bit challenging, but not impossible.
I have also decided to use [aircraft] cards in combination with the miniatures in crowded situations; one's miniature may have to be temporarily set aside when another obscures it. Then it is returned to the table once it has maneuvered away.

Hi Jim,

Ah, I see. If the referee lay/play the cards then such asynchronous move by the players as shown in the first picture above will not happen. A combination to use aircraft cards and miniatures is also good idea. I will try both in the next session.

Best Regards,
Kazunori Iriya
I use green felt curtain material for all sorts of games. From your post you don't say if you use the card aircraft or the models.
I have little problem with the models, though its easier to move them in mixed up 'Furballs' if the stand alone is moved and the model is placed to one side till its safe to replace it! - as Jim Millard says its normal in our games to replace the model with a card when they overly each other.
Another thing we do is sometimes leave a manoeuvre card in front of a model if its not likely to fire or be shot at if its move would put it in the same place as another plane. the model is moved after the next movement by the obstructing model (Hope this makes sense - its 10:15 in England and my brain is furring up!)


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