So what do you guys like and dislike about Blood and Bridges?

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My copy is probably btween Mark's warehouse and italy... but from BGG pictures I have seen some M48 looking like M47...
On the strength of one playing I see little to dislike. It’s an all round quality product, nice counters, great rule book and a first class map. I thought that ground attack aircraft were a tad too strong. But I was rolling hot with five hits at of six in both attacks (then rolled a six to see if it came back after the first attack).
I posted the AAR in On The Table discussion on CONSIM, I think it was scenario seven, a Brit tank and a mech company Vs 74th Guard Tank. The British were too light on the ground losing their Rapier right away and my SU25 took out two platoons (one tank and one mech). The weather went south with rain and fog and the British ended up withdrawing back to their lines.
The only thing I would change is the chaos table making a 6, 7 and 8 no effect. We had fun with it and will play again as soon as we can. I would like to see some historical or what if scenarios and counter expansions. Arab / Israeli, India / Pakistan, (did Iran and Iraq have tank battles?) or and other combination that comes to mind.
I think this is a great system and the only tactical ground game that I play. I want to add that Lock N Load has great customer service also. – John Buck

And thats all I have to say about that......
Wow, John. Thanks. We tested all kinds of different things in the chaos table. You're right, it certainly isn't perfect. I remember testing scenario 7 myself. I agree, I think it is difficult for the British.


I am sorry that you don't have yours yet. I can't wait to hear what you think about it.
Mark, don't be worried... that are the problems linked to having an ocean in the middle (and on top of that to have tpo divide myself between London and Italy).
Hey, Mark. As I've told you before, this is a great game. The physical production is top-notch and probably one of the best looking wargames that I own. I really like the new counters - my only complaint being that now I wish that ALL the previous game's counters were produced the same way. The new rules are well thought out and fun. I do wish that there were some more "big" scenarios included - but I'm sure some will appear in LOF. More to John's point (he and I "discovered" WaW and are trying to get more guys in our group to play it), we were concerned that the "Rain and Fog" result appears on a roll of "6", which is pretty common. Meaning that alot of battles will be fought in inclement weather. Also, on your FAQ thread at boardgamegeek, I did ask about the effects of such weather on Airstrikes. We figured that the weather would abort or at least degrade the effectiveness of Airstrikes. I also think that results such as "Shell Shocked" would only come into effect on units that actually saw some combat. I realize that issues such as these are relatively minor and just require some fine-tuning and clarification on the Battlefield Chaos Table. All in all, the Chaos rule adds alot of uncertainty and fun - making you think on your feet and being ready for anything. Great job and we're looking forward to some more games from you and Lock 'n Load.


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