I'll confess that the game triggering the most nostalgia is the Avalon Hill bookcase box of FRANCE: 1940. How I played that game with all the various OOBs. Loved it. Physically, the game was beautiful and elegant...and the study booklet included in the game simply superb. There's a number of titles on the 1940 Scandinavian and French campaigns, a few on the conquest of the Low Countries (MMP's FALLSCHIRMJAGER (Standard Combat Series or SCS) being my favorite of those), and of course the Battle of Britain games. What games do you like best and why?

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Yeah, NARVIK was sooo very cool. I've not tried the newer GR/D STORM OVER SCANDINAVIA game, but it looks similar. But nobody raves about it like they did NARVIK. Not many other games on the Norway campaign. I've played GMT's INVASION: NORWAY which does a good job of covering the operation, but maybe it's just nostalgia which makes me like NARVIK better. I think also that only one other GMT game had a similar system as their Norway game (BRITAIN STANDS ALONE) and so that may also have something to do with it. At least when you learn Europa, you can play a lot of other games (provided you have all the table space!).

I have raved about STORM OVER SCANDINAVIA though not usually over the historical Invasion of Norway.   The WHAT IF scenarios for Swedish involvement and the OB for Sweden as they hastily rearm are, for me, the 'core' of the offering.  Yes, they include a new version of the classic NARVIK title.  (Innovation of putting the disruption directly on the back of the counters instead of having separate markers was brilliant!)

So you do get in SOS, the historical invasion of Norway on the old 'different scale/system' NARVIK but also you get a true EUROPA scenario for the Invasion of Norway.  You can also combine the SOS with A WINTER WAR for an early war mini-Grand EUROPA of Scandinavia, a remake of Arthur Goodwin's NORTHERN THEATER OF OPERATIONS.

With Sweden, you get options such as ....

*.... Swedish Fear of German Invasion across the Norwegien border, something the Sweish military had not anticipated prior to WWII.

* The March Crisis:  Based on the historical rage of A.H. in February, 1942, against Sweden for not bowing to his wishes and thus ordering an Invasion of Sweden.

* Operation One, Two:  Based on historical German plans for 1943, to invade Sweden.   Put aside due to the disastrous outcome from Kursk. 

* Operation Jupiter:  The "Operation Jupiter" published in the EUROPA magazine confined itself to the norther raches of the Norwegian coast.   Here, the "Operation Jupiter" can land the Allies almost anywhere and, IIRC, has somewhat grander goals.

* 1945:  Scenario based on Swedish offer to liberate Norway if an Allied corps was provided as well.  This scenario supposes the Swedes decided to liberate Sweden anyway witout an Allied corps (which had been historically politely refused).

Finally, note that the German garrison is given for the entire war, along with most of the units.  Since you have Norway and Denmark exile forces in Sweden, the entire Swedish OB, and the German garrison, you can actually add Scandinavia to SECOND FRONT with some ease.   You can thus threaten to land in Norway, gain Swedish Intervention and air bases closer to North German, and do other interesting things.   You may need to create your own rules for the Politics involved, but the forces are all there.  Even if you left Sweden safely neutral, you could still threaten to take Norway and maybe reduce German resource points for the loss of Swedish exports to Germany.

The package is really excellent.  The only down side is the way the maps are in smaller sections to save printing costs.   OTOH, it also allows one to 'customize' the map surface in accord with the scenario you're running.

I've got SOS and completely agree with your assessment of it.  Really would love to play the combined STORM OVER SCANDINAVIA and A WINTER WAR game, but alas...

I love Victory in the West by GMT. I think all the options make the replayability very high for the game. It shows what France, Britain, and the other Allies could have done during the invasion of France.
VICTORY IN THE WEST is the definitive France game. I say that even having played THE FALL OF FRANCE in Europa scale (just too much). The terrain depiction is better and the options are wider...plus, you can play it in much less time! Nothing else compares to it--all the other games are smaller in scope. The old FRANCE: 1940 isn't nearly as comprehensive...GDW's old Series 120 game, 1940, was a quick play but not insightful. Avalanche Press's A STRANGE DEFEAT is also fast but not insightful. What's best about VICTORY IN THE WEST is that the options available to the Allies for alternative OOB and capabilities are very well thought through. Basically, this game is FRANCE: 1940 done right.
France '40. How many times have I played this game? Dozens? That is a lot for me on any one game, maybe the highest amount. I wouldn't rate the game all that high today but with all the possible OB variants how could you not want to try them?
I'd love to see this game redesigned and reissued. Sure, there's GDW's game VICTORY IN THE WEST. But I'd like to see something a little simpler and faster to play. APL's STRANGE DEFEAT isn't enough.
Strange Defeat simply blew but France 1940...it's like your first love - the blush never leaves the bloom. I still think it is a superb game.
I agree about France '40's appeal, as it was the game that taught me about mechanized tactics, especially exploitation. It was a great game for its time, and a wonderful learning tool. Likewise, "France: 1940 done right" is a great description of Victory in the West.

I'll vote for Victory in the West as my favorite Case Yellow game.

Also, don't forget about Operation Sealion as an early West Front situation. You get a more extensive amphibious assault than in Norway, followed by larger-scale infantry and blitzkrieg operations once the lodgement's been made.
Yup, VICTORY IN THE WEST is the best game there is on the campaign--of course, there's not much competition out there. Still, it's hard to imagine a game that could the subject better.

I've not played many Sealion games. I've got BRITAIN STANDS ALONE but haven't messed with it--also have THEIR FINEST HOUR and haven't messed with that either! Not for lack of interest...just couldn't find players for it when I got them.
Well I guess my input to that one would be 1940 by GDW in their series 120 games. It had an interesting 2 player hidden movement system to try to recreate the fog of war etc. There were a few bias fudges in the counter mix, and it certainly did not play in 120 minutes! Nice though, and a simple introductory concept. My nostalgia synapse isnt so much about early war though, for me it kicks in for AHs D-Day. Its one of the first games that I ever played in the early 70s, and along with Waterloo and AK it got me hooked on gaming for life.


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