A favorite of many gamers is the campaign for North Africa. My first like so many others was AH's Afrika Korps. I loved the long mapboard and the sweeping action. The 70's saw a need to try and be better than Afrika Korps with Rommel(Loren Sperry), Desert Fox(Cavalier),The African Campaign(Jedko) and PanzerArmee Afrika , Desert Fox/Trail of the Fox and of course the monster : Campaign for North Africa from SPI.

And the many games on just a battle or section of the Front-Kasserine Pass & The Fall of Tobruk(Conflict),Battles for Tobruk(Balboa),Tunsia & Sidi Rezech (Excalibre),Rommel:The War for North Africa(Rand),El Alamein,North Africa Quad SPI ,Crusader(GDW)

Then the more tactical games- Tobruk(AH), Desert War(SPI).

But more games came out in the 80's and 90's that added to the joy. even today new games keep popping up to add to our fondness of that vast area that had tanks like ships fighting on the sea's sweeping back & forth.

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I liked the Rhino edition of The Legend Begins as soon as I got it, but it was incomplete, covering just a portion of the desert war, and lacking an air game too. The deluxe Terran Games version is my all-time favorite strategic-level North Africa game, fulfilling the promise of the original design.
Played a lot of AH Afrika Korps, have Afrika 2nd ed waiting for an opportunity to be played. Panzer Armee Afrika, Desert Fox, Trail of the Fox, and lots of others that came in magazines are in the shelves. And am considering to buy "The legend begins" and "Shifting sands".
I create a BGG list for all the North African games that cover the entire theater. It can be found here:


Hope to add more operational ones too.
Looks good! Just as long as this one doesn't get lost in the shuffle: :)

Yeah, I need to work on the operational game lists. Gazala, Crusader, Alamein, etc.
My favorite strategic North African game is Columbia's Rommel In The Desert. Some deride its "gaminess" but I thought it does a great job of being playable and feeling like you're making the same tough decisions the generals did.

My favorite battle game is the one that got me started on the North African campaign - Von Borries' Decision at Kasserine. Fun game, with variable victory conditions. One of The Wargamer's finest moments.

I also like Triumphant Fox and the old GDW double-blind game 8th Army. And loved The Campaign For North Africa by SPI.

Kidding on that last one :)
Coming late to this party, let me add my .002 worth:

Strategic: I like DAK (MMP) and AH Afrika Korps just for a fun night

Battle: Gazala and Crusader (MMP)

Tactical: Tobruk
Matt, Another DAK fan! How do you find opponents in your area? How do I find opponents in SE Connecticut?
You sound like a gaming veteran like me. Bruce Chamberlain b.chamberlain@snet.net

>Campaign for North Africa from SPI.


Do you think that there'd be much demand for a playing aide to keep track of supply?  I'm trying to develop a series of spreadsheets that would help; see http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/CNA_Playing_Aide/


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