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The Pocket at Falaise - End of Turn 3

The Germans were able to pull back behind the Orne River, while the Canadians pushed even farther towards the south.  By coming within 6 hexes of a bridge crossing on the Dives, the 86th Korps was added to the chit pile.  The 272 division and the GUF units were put in play and moved down to help open the escape route.  The Germans must continue to pull back as…


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ATO's The Pocket at Falaise - Turn 2

Below is the situation after Turn 2.  Instead of a blow by blow, activation by activation description of the events, let me make a few observations.  

  • Note that the Germans have three Kampfgruppen in the withdrawal area already.  One regiment is high-tailing it south to exit off the map for a victory point.  

  • The pocket is collapsing.  The Allies are pushing it from both the north and south, and from the west as the Germans attempt to pull back in…

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Turn 1 - ATO’s The Falaise Pocket

Looking at the map, I tried to set forth in my mind my plan of attack (or retreat as the case may be) for the Allied and German forces.  The Allied forces of course need to eliminate as many of the German units as they can, while at the same time trying to close the pocket and cut them off from their withdrawal axis.  The Germans on the other hand need to bug out as quickly as possible but in an orderly manner so that they do not give the Allies any gaps or…


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ATO's The Pocket at Falaise Initial Set-up

Below is the initial set-up for Against the Odds' game The Pocket at Falaise.  This is what's on my table now, and I am anxious to get started.  The rules are simple, with a few twists.  The photo shows my initial set-up after selecting my German Unknown Forces and setting them aside.  These were the 74 Korps/988/276 Infantry Regiment, the 2SS/5/3FJ Regiment, the 47 Panzer1/1SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment, and the 74 Korps/991/277 Infantry Regiment.  I selected these for later use…


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PanzerBlitz Hill of Death Scenario 2

This was my second PanzerBlitz Hill of Death scenario. This one has a relatively small area of operations, but has a good number of units. The British must secure greater than 4 of the towns in the area of operations. They own two already. They must capture at least three more. The Germans have fortified the towns and have a Panzer IV company coming in as reinforcements. The Brits have plenty of infantry and Churchill VII tanks. This will be a tough nut to crack for the…


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PanzerBlitz Hill of Death, Scenario 1

I cut my teeth on PanzerBlitz and Panzer Leader back in the day. My first game was Tactics II; my second was Squad Leader. But shortly after that I discovered PB. I was really excited when MMP released PanzerBlitz Hill of Death, but it was only now that I punched the counters and played it. Solo, yes, but isn't that fairly typical of most gamers?

I apologize for my photos up front. The photos did not turn out as good as I had expected. And I'm sure that I missed a few rules,…


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