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Grand Illusion

This wwI game by Ted Raiced attract me time ago for his map with big hexes. When finally I grab at sale a copy from GMT online store I laid the map in my table waiting patiently to find a pbem opponent to try it. Finally, my friend Pierre Miranda accepted my challengue and we are going to start with the historical scenario setup where I will try to get into Paris with the Germans.

Always I buy this game I always check if there is a gamebox available. Of course, GMT supports… Continue

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Napoleon's Triumph

This is the second game inspired in the best seller Bonaparte at Marengo (news from the third are recently: Guns of Gettisburg). It keeps the visual appearance of his predecessor but the rules suffered a major reworking, doing the game experience very different (it seems Gettisburg will suffer the same process). For this, althought BaM has a great suitability to pbem, NT's suffered a bit of downtime when playing by email meanwhile you are waiting the response from your player… Continue

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The VASSAL Game Engine

I'm thinking I must also talk about the opponents of Cyberboard. There is many game engines that compete to get the #1 position in gamer preferences (right now, undoubt, it is holded by Cyberboard). I will talk my little experience with them, but I guess it is time to talk about the most powerfull opponent that Cyberboard has faced until now: VASSAL

At the beggining, VASSAL was VASL (Virtual Advanced Squad Leader), a very… Continue

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BaM Ladder Page

There is many web sites in the net available for pbem players where you download modules, look for opponents, and so on. But this sites are like many others you could have available if you like computer games, have a pet, and so on. There is one type of sites I guess you only found if you are an adict pbem player: the ladders.

I would like to talk about the most veteran ladder page: The Russian Campaign: Online! is active from 1999. But they don't support Cyberboard as default pbem… Continue

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In the Era of Cyberboard 2.0, when the pallete has only 256 colours available, Cyberboard designers made his gamebox maps using the drawing tools provided by CBDesign. You had to spend many hours of your free time if you want to get the virtual map with the same quality than the printed map. Of course, many designers did gameboxes with simple but useful maps that allows you play the game (and I will try to show in a future post a example of this).

But now, I want to show the other… Continue

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GTL Editor

Formerly known as GTL Text Editor (his name was his main feature then), this windows application created by Jeff Fisher allows edit gtl files exported with CBDesign (or created with Bill's Cyberboard Utilities as I commented in a previous blog post). The dot gtl files contains in a internal format used by Cyberboard three bitmap image of each tile: full, half and small size.

Meanwhile full and half size keeps a ratio 2:1… Continue

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One of the finests aid to pbem is the Automated Card Tracking System, developed by Kurt Kuhlmann as a web application to support the Avalon Hill's Card Driven Game We the People at the end of last century. It has been expanded during this time, slowly but continuosly, and now it has 24 differents modules, one of them is a generic module that allows you use this service with virtually any board game.

You must only register (at the beggining… Continue

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Campaigns of the King David

Besides a prolific english-spanish rule translator, my friend Suffo is an avid player, always wanting to add new experiences, but he don't get too many chances to face to face play, so he is always making varied gameboxes. Last day, he noticed me he was finished the gamebox for Campaigns to the King David from CoA and was asking me for a game with anothers players.

I sometimes must decline some offers to pbem because now I barely can… Continue

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CBDesign: Pasted bitmap from file...

Before Cyberboard 3.0 and his full color support, the old 2.0 version had a very limited 256 color pallete that, besides, was different to the standard 256 color pallete from windows. So, the easy process to paste a board scan in the gamebox was not enough quality for the most players. Only if you learned to use advanced graphic tool (like Coreldraw) you could improve a bit the quality of the pasted bitmap, but it wasn't still enough. You can see how ugly it looks in this test using the… Continue

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Origins - How we became humans

My dear friend Manuel Suffo is the bigger fan of Phil Eklund's games I meet and he is always proposing playing his games. We've previously played by email American Megafauna and Lords of the Renaissance, but they don't attract me attention. The last game proposed was his recently published, by Sierra Madre Games, Origins - How we became humans. I inmediately exclaimed, "Oh no! Another Eklund game! Oh, my god" - because I found it always boring.

But... third time's charm! This game… Continue

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My Motto

If you are reading this blog, surely you are still be asking what is this guy talking about? Game Reviews? After Action Reports? Computers?

As a member of consimword forums, where I've post since many years ago, I recently noticed this new feature from the world consimworld. Firstly, I don't get interested aboit this, only joing a group or two and some friends. But after, I see the blog feature and I ask me what can I talk about that will contribute to this community?

So,… Continue

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With near 2000 users and over 11000 messages, Cyberboard Maling List (aka CyberboarML) is the greatest than I am joined. His purpose is provide a forum for user support to those that are using the popular pbem program (that is also the motto for this blog).

If you are reading this and you haven't still joined, what are you waiting? It's only one click away!

Click to join…

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1960 - The Making of the President

Last saturday morning I manage to play and lose with Nixon my first 1960 - The Making of the President game. Just after my friend returned home with his copy of the game, I want more. I look at Z-Man Games to grab a copy but then I noticed it will be also printed here in Spain by a new game company! So, I guess It's better to buy the spanish edition.

But I am so excited with this new discovery in my game pool that I want to start a pbem game. I hope this second game fulfill my… Continue

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Tigris & Euphrates

I don't know the exact number of gamebox I have finished and published so I am going to remember each one during my blog trip. The first I am going to remember was for Tigris & Euphrates, eurogame by designer celebrity Reiner Knizia (who I met last year in Cordoba during a con and I was amused how kindly he was there).

The size of the gamebox is only 29K. I took the images from the BGG play by web module. I guess I never used this… Continue

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Here I Stand

A friend, fan of this multiplayer card driven game published by GMT, asked me when I was talking about my current Here I Stand pbem game this question:

"Why there is many people playing by email this game? I can't understand it! The game has many interaction among players: response cards, interception, combat cards, and do on."

First, I guessed it is because is more easy to find pbem players than real players for a multiface game. That is correct, but there is players that can… Continue

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Bill's Cyberboard (c) Utilities

When I took the WiF gamebox project and I see I had to create over 3000 counters in the gamebox I notice that it was almost imposible using the copy and paste feature. It was a work for Hercules! - I think.

I had several pdfs with the countersheets (available when you purchase the WiF Companion CD). So, when I found over the net Bill's Cyberboard (c) utilities I get amazed. When you download from you get several win32… Continue

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1936 Guerra Civil

This game, 1936 Guerra Civil, published by Ediciones Rotura, is my last gamebox design. I met the designer, Arturo Garcia, during summer'07 in a con celebrated in Mollina (Malaga) and although I don't like specially card games this was the exception to the rule. I grab a copy in a store during the con and tell to the designer that I will help him to create the gamebox for Cyberboard. I guess he don't understand me what I was talikng about.

After holiday summer I contact him by email… Continue

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Sometimes you start a pbem game with a friend and it get stalled in the first movements. It happens usually because your opponent get busy with other duties (work, family, and so on). This happenned me recently with a game to the old classic Luftwaffe by Avalon Hill (and recently updated to 2nd Edition by Decision Games)

The game has a simple turn sequence, a mechanic that is called 'U go, I go'. I don't know if DG printed in the back of the box the rating that is showed in many… Continue

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Struggle of Empires

I usually play multiplayer pbem game with a group of three friends by email that play wargames like me. We are playing from many years ago using Cyberboard and we are always playing one or two games among us.

Our last game finished was a game of Struggle of Empires. This game published by Warfrog and Eagle Games allows 2-7 players, although it suits better with 4 or more players. It isn't strictly a wargame because the players aren't eliminated but it has land and naval combat,… Continue

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