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Storm over.........Oh No!!!

I got a "Storm over Taierzhuang".
This game is very good.

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Play by game association

An old game was played by the trial.

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Translation rule from English to Japanese(About DragonPass)

An English rule was read because it had been anxious considerably before. By the way, the rule that I am reading is the second edition.
When Japanese was compared with English, it turned out a Japanese rule that the part not considerably translated was a lot of. In honesty and the play of this game, an important objection was lacked.
This game is made even only a tidy Japanese rule is made at the chance to fight though it might not be.

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The Last days of Grande Armee(OSG)

This Game is Waterloo battles. Game system is 6days of glory.
But playing time is very long. But it is

very Funny game.

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My recent fashion

Recently, it waits in "VASSAL".
The module that often plays is "Up Front","Russo-Japanese War(EPOC)","Flightleader","PGG","UpFront","Victory in Normandy".
Russo-Japanese War

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Hannibal(Vally Games)

This game is very good game. However, because it is an ancient game, playing is less.
It was possible to win because be able it to play after a long time, and to defeat [sukipio] by Hannibal the other day.
In the game against ancient times, being possible to enjoy it while explaining when playing if it is a type of card using together game though it is not easy to play still is a difficult point if there is at least no knowledge is the advantages.

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Do you hope to the game magazine?

A recent game magazine is overwhelmed to the Internet, and thinks that it is losing a past glory. My own hope hopes for the introduction on the function side by a detailed system explanation to play a game and actual play. The magazine that was able to be improved as such can be obtained by limiting it only to Japan and the United States.

However, the population's in which it subscribes to the magazine decreasing will disappear in the situation of present Japan sooner or later if some… Continue

Added by blue on June 16, 2008 at 10:51pm — 5 Comments

Shattered States(EMS),Play Log

This game was played from unexpected circumstances the other day. It was necessary to put while considerably playing and it was interesting though it was play because only three people gathered for a short time comparatively. It is implacable because of the game that plunders of enemy's area, and a certain ..meaning.. considerably extreme game differing from the diplomatic game by military power anyway. However, because the number of rule areas is the victory conditions, it is games that… Continue

Added by blue on May 27, 2008 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

Modern Battles

Recently, it has awoken to a modern combat. However, because I do not have a lot of modern war games too much, the environment that can be played is not in order. The game owned now is Assult,FireFight,6th Fleet,2nd Fleet,TaskForce,FirePower,Air Auperiority,The Speed of Heat,MechWar'90(HJ),CombinedArms(Tsukuda),FlightLeader,Patton(Tsukuda),Jetfighter(Tsukuda).
Looking for can play is a difficult situation though it is possible to play almost.

Added by blue on May 21, 2008 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

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