I am just in the middle of a very busy work period so my playing time is reduced to a minimum. Nevertheless, I am still able to snatch some time to keep playing... I will die with a counter in my hand... that's my doom and I have assumed it :-)

I am currently playing World in Flames. It's my third experience with this game and my second as the German player, so don't expect much from my limited proficiency as the "1000-year Reich" leader :-P

As a global opinion, I am fairly satisfied with WiF. I find the game fun and easy to learn... but as a realistic and coherent simulation I think it completely misses the point... anyway, it's fun to throw dice trying to find the enemy convoys (well, it WAS fun... now that my tiny fleet is in shambles :-D)

Our game started, as usual, with a rapid fall of Poland and a 1940 attack to the West. Paris fell late in the summer of 1940 and my German Army followed Newton's first law and kept moving southwest until it was stopped by the Atlantic Ocean. In the way southwest my soldiers conquered Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar without losses (talk about a well-timed 10). In the meantime, my Italian friend, supported by a small but decissive German mech force, made a lightning offensive to the east and conquered Egypt, Palestina and Syria. The Mediterranean is really a Mare Nostrum.

Our devotion to the Mediterranean strategy forced our delaying the assault against the Assiatic Hordes to the east until summer 1942... hey... who talked about a rotten door falling at the first slam? Soviet units, lots of Soviet units, neverending lots of Soviet units... I managed to take Vilna and Minsk... but Kiev was not possible... the USSR must be attacked in 1941 if you want to replicate historical results... oh well... you may replicate them in 1942 if you keep rolling high, but don't bet your hand on it.

The Western Allies were wicked enough to land in France in 1943. We have bottled them in Britanny, but the west is draining a lot of force from the east, specially air power, so I am learning the cost of a two front war the hard way. I've been attacking in Ukraine until fall 1943, but the German offensive north of the marsh stopped long before... it was impossible to keep two axis of attack while defending in France. Now the Red Army is hitting back, but the German lines resist quite well... I hope to keep things controlled at least until summer 1944 and retreat behind better defensive lines (rivers and mountains) when the Red Army starts to receive offensive chits.

The west is right now more or less controlled, but a withdrawal to the Seine will be forced by the Allied players sooner or later. Meanwhile, I'll keep receiving very valuable resources from Spain and Portugal. I know the peak of Axis expansion has passed... and I am working to delay its nadir beyond the end of the game. Keeping the Mediterranean solidly in our hands for the longest possible period is the way to keep Italy safe and involve the Italian Army in the defense of France. If we are succesful there I am pretty sure the Eastern front will resist the 20 months still left.

What's happening in the Pacific? Well... I give a look there from time to time and it looks awful... Japan is about to defeat China (just one factory-city short of final victory) but the US Navy is extending its domination of the Ocean. Fortunately beach assaults are not being that succesful, but luck is a spoiled child you cannot trust to enjoy forever. I am afraid Japan will have a very difficult time to resist the American onslaught until the end of the game, but each turn Japan resists is a turn with a lot of US forces in the other side of the world... so much for German victory :-)

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