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I've tried to post daily (or at least 2-3 times a week) updates of my online gaming - both to gather more
PBEM opponents and to keep a record of what I played - how I did.

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Comment by Jim Laws on July 6, 2008 at 1:56pm
Just keep your armies out of Spain and all will be well:)
Comment by Bob Hamel on April 10, 2008 at 11:45am
Quick update - trying to do some during lunchhour.

Hannibal - started new game as me as the Hannibal (not Lector) guy.

WTP - winding down to the last (or 2nd to last turn) - still tightrope as Brits have 7 or 8 but who knows what sneaky GW has in store.

MGM - 2 games and ladder going - Ladder game (one one for scoring) is going okay. We arejust starting on the 2nd day so we'll see if I can hold the Allies to below the Maas river. Other "fun" games - one as Allies and one as Germans - despite some mental mistakes from me are also going okay so far..NO blow-outs yet.

BNK - I accepted (I know I said I wasn't going to play this again for a LONG time after being severely pounded 3 games going) a game from a guy from Australia (now that's my 2nd Aussie I'm playing) so we'll see if I've learned anythng from my loses...THAT's why we play these things....

Hoity-Toity - joined one and started one - still haven't won one but a few have come close and it looks like PURHAPS I might win one - As I mentioned, changing tactics on this game - I'm not going to
exhibit unless I have a TON of items that can't be broken in sequence OR I'm alone in mansion as my previous games would find me in the lead but by end game I'd have 3-4 art pieces left so NOW in my games after changing "stragegy" I have 9-10 pieces and STILL manage to be on the final row towards the dinner table so who knows if this works?

Still working on reading rules to FTP but not sure I can handle yet ANOTHER new game quite so soon. Also, there is a game (AREA movement) on Guadalcanal that looks similar to Cassino with a pre-order price of $30 normal retail of $45 or so....LOVE the AREA system but not sure $ wise and new-game wise if this is going to "draw me" or now....I'll have to look closer - NOW, if there was a game of KURSK...."SOLD"...As tank battles are pretty cool....
Comment by Bob Hamel on April 8, 2008 at 1:47pm
Many days, many games, little time for this blog. I'll commmit to doing
some updates tonight about a few of my least 3 are done
MGM game with me as Brits ended up in a German victory - poor use of the Arty unit(s) created a situation that they weren't even used at all during the game (out of range). In my 2nd Hannibal game with my very patient teacher Barry, Romans again were...well they got their BUTTS kicked again...I thought I was doing okay but one turn just threw the whole game to pot, losing almost all forces and having to remove 7 turn would have seen a sue for peace flag waved now we've agreed to switch sides so I can see how the Romans really are supposed to be done...Finally in my WTP game with Paul the Colonials (me) were able to pull off a win despite a last min. attempt by Cornwallis to take back Boston....Paul was "off his game" with other "real" events like car crash, house move/sale that seemed to not want to happen, ect. so we may have to play again to see if I've just got beginner's luck.

Other WTP game is going along pretty good - Brits (me) would have had a victory but I had the card that moved the war from 1779 back up to the end of the that crafty GW was able to bring on more we'll see.

MGM - ladder game - weird opening - bombardment was SUPER, then stalled offensive out of Zone F - Then Allies come alive and kill massive Germans but had used the chit so day roll is adjusted but not the chit flipped - bottom line this is going to be a long day with modifier at -2 (or 3 can't remember) and we are already on impulse 7 + - Good news for Germans - quite a few bridges between Nijmegen and Zone F are blown so quite a lot of repairs -

VITP games have taken a pause while Tim is away so not too much new there.
in Bob-IJN game I have still a +29 POC going into turn 7 and Pearl and NE corner are still IJN controlled (Hawaii was flagged T6 but no island invaded) and I have all my LBA this turn - IJN fleet is a little short however and he does have Midway and Marshall islands but no bases into INDO or SPAC either.

On the Bob-USN game IJN is now down to 27, USN has Manila, Guadalcanal and Lae, but Midway fell and my chance to convert the NE corner failed when the patroller in Aleutians was disabled.
Comment by Bob Hamel on April 2, 2008 at 2:40pm
Wow, days fly's been almost 5 days since last post.
Really hurt my right finger (ripped the nail actually - quite painful) at work today so typing will be brief and possibly with some typos....

A few more Hoity Toity games are done..still the brides-maid BUT I'm changing my tactics slightly by NOT exhibitiing UNTIL I have 8 or more exhibits...then only if necessary - seems to be working out in the larger (5 to 6 player) games but the 3 player games I've fallen too far behind to do this to much.

MGM - started 2 new games one a fun game and one the ladder - Ladder game - ALMOST all the Flak were spent execpt for area 5 or some obscure flaktower in the north....however the Brit XXX seems to have not done so well on bombardment and a bridge or two might be blown before the troops reach mid board (I hope)...I've decided to try the Germans as my games of Allies don't seem to have the "Umph!" that is needed...In my first game, we have reached (almost) day 20 with 3 days of clear - I actually captured Oos so supply was not a problem but we'll see if I can get Nijmengen for the final point(s) needed as I have 9 pending and the advantage so we'll see.

WTP - My Brit game is really all over the lot - He had a good turn getting the French early but Brits had a pretty good turn after that with card that pulled 2 cards out of his hand so I had 3 free pulses...unless a card is played, this is the final turn as war ends on this turn and the Americans have 8 to the British 5 or something like that but a few colonies are only decided by split so could go either way if Brits can get more forces on board....

I'll finish update later as this 9 finger typing is driving me looney!
Comment by Bob Hamel on March 29, 2008 at 6:14pm
Sat. afternoon game update-
Hannibal - well, with my minor campaign I actually gave Hannibal a bloody nose - I attritioned his forces and 1 elephant - Still a big threat but it's almost the end of the turn and I still have 2 armies in the field - I'm doing pretty good in Spain and am now attacking N. Carthage - don't hope to
seize it but it will be under seige for next year and that might stop some Carthage guys coming on board.

VITP - turn 5 in both games - Chickened out in full attack on USM and decided to try an just keep POC at 29 as well as maintain block for his T6 arriving forces - as to the flip game, pretty much the same - no POC change but I have a few more ships and have (I hope) a hole in Marshalls to drive through for T6 guys.

MGM - started a new game with guy in Australia while my other one is going pretty good. Got the Advantage back after a killer air attack forced him to use it to prevent Nijemegan from going spent
but big forces are going to get up to perimeter by 20th. VP is now 9 so perhaps I'll do okay.

WTP - both games going pretty good - first game is stalled while my British opponent has had a run of bad luck - house on market fell through, car got wrecked, had bad week stuck in traffice for 2 this game's on hold but it's reaching the end and is very close, by a colony or two. 2nd game has just started - we are on 1777 and awaiting US decision as to who goes first - Americans put a big hit on me last turn whipping out 4 PC by isolation..rough - pretty much took back the south on that one.

Awaiting MGM tourney start and perhaps a BKN ladder is coming up. I have another opponet lined up for a VITP game soon but nothing else. Of couse my 20 + games of Hoity Toity are still moving alone although again, I think one or two are pretty close to done - no chance to win but perhaps coming in 2nd or 3rd on a few - I'm changing my tactics somewhat on this game. I'm hanging back and not exhibiting unless I have to relying on detective to move me along while building up a big
art collection so at the end I can advance the 8 spaces with "best in show" - what had happened in a few of my other games was that I exhibited, advanced 4 or 5 spaces but got robbed blind so I had no exhibit towards the end of the game even though I was in the lead; sometimes by as much as 8-9 spaces.
Comment by Bob Hamel on March 26, 2008 at 8:46pm
Getting dizzy with the swapping of old Blog vs. new Social site...

Been doing some AREA cleanup and have gotten (I think) all ratings sent to me for WTA (Winner take all) games done and sent off for Website posting.

Gaming front...Ah yes...let's see....

Very Tense game of VITP continues on T5 - lack of ships for USN (on both games) leads to cautious moves by Allied player as one more big battle could spell the end of US surface fleet of escort ships.

MGM is about to start for single elim play - perhaps I'll get a shark right off and be done with my "fun" game, Allies ended the turn after only having weather change on impulse 8 and NO germans in Arnhem yet...but also no Allied hookup yet either and the "Critical" weather roll is coming up for the 19th.

WTP, one game almost done (due more to end of war card then our play). Americans MAY have a thin margin of victory if we can keep the Brits at bay, but a few last card plays still could hold some nasty surprises. In other newer game (with my former WAS opponent) we are onto 1776 with Washington starting to get surrounded while a battle
(or a retreat before battle) is happening in Philly as the continental congress debates a declaration of some kind...

Hannibal - having made it to year 1 without losing ANY armies in game 2, we have started the year with a minor compaign. Forces in both Spain and Italy will try to show Hannibal what it means to mess with ROME!

I have been reading the rules online for Hacienda and decided to give it a's a tilelaying game sort of like hunters/gathers scoring of land, animals and farms...sort of...meanwhile, my Hoity-Toity games progress I now have 24 games going but amazingly I only have 1 or two moves every 6 hours or so....

Baseball fantasy Yahoo league has started and already I'm behind...two of my players were injured and I messed up on assigning them, and well, my current opponent's already scored 5 runs on me ....sigh!

Not sure if I'm missing anything....wait, a notice for another Hook or Crook move so I'll sign off....(cross post on Social network)...hey,
any of you guys that signed up join any of the game groups?
Comment by Bob Hamel on March 22, 2008 at 8:47am
Quite a few gaming changes since last post -
BKN - game over - Horrid rolls on first couple pulses and loss of 2 pulsed due to para deaths - with attack roll on impulse 2 I rolled snakes, ended day, next day overcast with Merville all D1 or D2, Sword all D1, bridges blown all over the place - not worth continuing to watch Brits get slaughered so ended game.

Started new game of WTP - just did opening placement but we are going to do back to back switch-sides games so we'll see how much I remember of this game.

Hannibal - did opening move and botched it so had to redo- forgot that on campaign you can't use seamovement with more than one army - so one army went to spain, the other starts towards the tribe in the middle of Italy that needs to learn ROMAN law!

WAS - game over - German fleet failed to sink/disable more than 1 ship on round 1, and only 1 ship on round 2 while Exocet missle Jim managed to kill 3 and disable 1 - so Zara faced BB's and Eagle for round 3 - I needed to take area as 3rd convoy had landed so score was Brit +6 at start, was +8 at end and even if I decontrolled all areas next turn (7 subs so possible) and controlled Med, Baltic and S. Atlantic (not really possible) the score would be +2 Brit with bid +1 but more likely score would be about +6 Brits at end....bonus shots missing and LBA not hitting anything in Barents was the death knell of Axis game.

VITP - double game - VERY interesting game - Hawaii flipped in both game - on T4 My IJN will have flagged USM and NLF take the base so next turn we may be able to flip Samoa while his USN went for POC denial raiding Japan, Marinas, and INDO. In my USN game, he will have solid perimeter except CPO as most of his fleet in Hawaii and LBA guards SPO,INDO and Marshalls but I was able to save BOTH Marines from last turn and have a pretty good fleet while in my IJN game, his USN fleet is pretty small so on the end game I may come out ahead...

Hoity-Toity games keep plugging along - afew are in the home stretch - still in lead in most but
not sure how that will hold out.
Comment by Bob Hamel on March 18, 2008 at 7:06pm
Game update from today 3/18

BKN - not looking so rosey on the 8th.
Merville bombarded and all D1 or spent, Sword pretty much stuffed - and major effort to free it now which is not possible this turn. St. Mere - 1st attack of the day to try and free the spent/D1 Parras still in enemy territory I willed snakes and Germans killed the paras, and got a -2 on day roll - double ugh. Caen bombardment with Naval - 1 out of 4 guys spent only so attack may have to be the HARD WAY with almost all guys from Gold/Juno.

Hannibal - started a new game but not much beyond 1 impulse (do you call it impulse in a carddriven game?)

VITP - our double game is very interesting - in my IJN game, IJN chased the last 3 LBA away from Hawaii which will fall after we had a Day/Night round that killed 3 out of 6 and destroyed the Marines..Now, I've had 4 straight days in USM and only 4 117's remain of US fleet so I might just flag both - Meanwhile he (USN) managed to double flag Marshalls so both islands will flip.

In my USN game, he went to BOB to try and give the Brits grief, but I managed to chase them away. Pearl will fall but looks like Midway (in both our games) will survive but I have Marshalls open so pretty good lane between CPO and USM for next turn - AND one of my Marines MIGHT surive as he only has 3 carriers to attack my 2 in port guys.

My 12 (or 13) Hook or Crook games are going pretty good, I seem to have a pattern; come out strong, lose all my objects to crooks and come in 2nd or 3rd....
Comment by Bob Hamel on March 18, 2008 at 6:56pm
SO, here is the update I did yesterday.

Hannibal - Ended my game of Hannibal and we decided to start over as Hannibal CRUSHED the final Roman army on turn 7.

BKN - 2nd day ended with beaches in pretty good shape except Sword - that beach is disaster - everybody D1 or D2. Caen has massive Brits in there so we'll see if I attack or go elsewhere.

MGM - Ended the first day - Pretty good ending after a very crappy start - (can I say crappy?)...anyway, highway is looking good up until middle of board so Brits XXX are getting ready to roll north to save those poor trapped Paras in Arnhem.

WAS - still a tense game as my LBA failed for the 3rd time to do anything to convoy thus all 3 land. Allies shots in S. Atlantic were pretty deadly as 2 ships are killed and 2 more disabled. I need to have a good first round or it's lights out....on the other hand, IF I manage to control S. Atlantic the POC will drom down 1 more and put the game to within 4 or so I thing in the final turn - I have all 7 subs, and 3 points uncontested in Med/Baltic so it's just to see if we can break control of a few areas or gather a big 3 point area and with the bid...Axis win...but a long way to go yet....

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