This is a play-session of the upcoming game (Ici, c'est la France!) on the Algerian war 1954-62 which will be published by Khyber Pass Games. It is winter 1955 and the few fellaghas there are consist of some moussebilines (auxilliaries) in the Kabylie mountains, close to the town of Tizi Ouzou, and in the Aurès mountains outside the town of Batna where there also are some better armed moudjahidines. The French repression after the initial FLN attacks has made the Arabs and Berbers increasingly anti-French. France sees the threat and brings in a lot of units to garrison the countryside. This causes some groans from families having to send off their sons to yet another war.

It is important for FLN to spread out and grow as much as possible, so they recruit several new groups of moussebilines and moudjahidines, especially in those two mountain regions run by them. In the Kabylie FLN spreads east towards the city of Bougie, and in the southeast FLN spreads out in the entire Aurès mountain range. In order to prevent FLN from establishing their presence in too many regions France rushes her two para regiments, together with two mechanized regiments, to Kabylie. Her three Zouave regiments go to the Aurès, south of the city of Sétif, to stem the FLN tide there. One of the paras (2 RPC) manages to find a moudjahidine unit and kill it, which is enough to prevent FLN from contesting the region around Bougie. South of Sétif the zouaves have a hard time finding any FLN units (or ALN as the military arm of the FLN was called), so they fail to catch them.

FLN takes the opportunity to install a FLN political structure in the western Aurès mountain range outside Sétif while The French, in their turn, work hard to bring forth the pro-French activists in the central Kabylie mountains around Bougie. So ends the winter and spring 1955 commences.

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