Still in good shape... well, sort of...

Our World in Flames game is slowly advancing through 1944. Winter has finished and the first shiny spring impulses are starting to arrive. My vaunted Wehrmacht has survived this feared winter in quite good shape. The Allied advance in France has been frustrated by bad weather and those stinky coallition forces are still bottled in Brittany, although I'm afraid a withdrawal to the Seine will be advisable soon. To break the stalemate in France, the Allies have landed north and south of Lisbon trusting in a fast and furious advance in the almost vacated Iberian Peninsula... but the goddess of fortune has rightly smiled to us, the Axis liberators of Europe (ahem!!!!), and we will start the next turn moving in first place so I think we'll be able to stop the Allies before they arrive to Madrid... unfortunately Portugal will be lost... but if this is all we lose in the next 2-3 turns I'll be extremely happy.

Our ordeal in the east looks quite well. I 've voluntarily withdrawn from Russian territory to decrease Soviet production. It was a well organized withdrawal, almost without losses and always keeping solid lines. Last winter has been resisted quite well although the Soviet player tried to hit German lines hard. I've suffered few, really few, losses, but the Soviets have also paid their tribute to the bloody God of War so my lines still resist without serious problems.

Italy keeps and will keep living without problems as far as Gibraltar is in German hands. Meanwhile a big share of the Italian Army helps Germany defend in France.

Japan has almost finished with China, although a bad roll kept the Emperor from taking the last factory-city in the country and forcing Chinese surrender... there'll be another chance. Fortunately for Japan, the US Navy skill in the sea comes along with an almost unbelievable lack of skill in beach assaults... as a result, the Japanese Fleet is suffering hard blows but the American land forces are still quite far from Japan. If China falls soon... well, who knows... maybe the Japanese can survive better than we thought a few turns ago...

Date is March 44... just 9 turns to go... still in good shape... could be better... but could be far worse...

Will keep you posted

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Comment by Ron on March 29, 2008 at 12:55am
Have you ever played with DoDIII? And also, if their are any WiF players in Indianapolis, let me know. Ron
Comment by John Kranz on March 28, 2008 at 10:20am
Thanks for the snapshot report on World in Flames. I'm sure the game continues with a big following. It was "huge" when I was involved with an AZ gaming club back in the '90s.

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