March 1st. I'm member #99... The Great One :-)

First time I'm using a blog. My English is probably better than your Chinese, still it's my second language. You've been warned.

Getting prepared slowly to attend GMT East Convention next weekend. This year I'm booked solid. Friday morning, Pax Romana, 4 players game. I figure it should be going up to 18:00. Then at about 19:00, 7 ages, a game I would really like to play for a long run without the perspective of going back home fr midnight because I'm working the next day. Perfect. 5/6 players game.

Saturday. Great War in Europe. It's one of my favorite game. I've played it twice so far. We may even get the "corrected" edition for the con. 4 players game. I will play the CP Western Front agains a nemesis of mine Mike Johnson, great guy, but that attitude ;-). On the Eastern front Mark Van Roekel will try to Tannenberg-ized my good buddy Louis Ayotte. I have no clu when we will fininish this one. Play until we fall, or simply stop at 18:00 and go on from there. I will bring Empire of the Sun with me. Got tho play this one if possible. There is always the possibility of playing a GMT demo, or PoG.

Sunday morning comes with the traditional Manifest Destiny. I really like this game, for what it is. Fun multiplayer that can be played in 4 hours or less. I prefer Age of Renaissance, but this one is a beast played for a little too long. This game has always been with Andy Lewis, another nemesis of mine. This guy is going directly to your throat, and then asks questions. Fun, real fun :-)

Fillers? Twilight Struggle, Combat Commander, Santa Fee Rails, Royal Turf. If I can make it for the "unofficial" thursday, I'd playa football game or Brass ot Thought the Ages.

What I like about this small con. The human dimension. Met some great guys in the for the last 5 years. Britt, Allan, Andy, Mike, Barry, etc... I wish I coould convinced Andy to make a GMT north eventually. 5 of us from Montreal are already signed in for that. WE would make it work, I'm sure... Pleasure pressure the guy ;-)

Recent additions: FAB: The Bulge. I was lucky enought to be taught by Rick Young himself in the GMT office in California. Played with Rick Billings. Excellent game. I've set it up in the basement. Looking to push blocks aound. And I recently trade for Gallipoli, the recent ATO game. Looks promising.

Game I'm playing right now: Empire of the Sun. We're in 1943 my US is roaming back. Hopefully for the best. The Japanese Navy has been kinda vaporized.

Wintergewitter with Daniel Gagnon: Great looking game. Complexity at the same level of Stalingrad Pocket II. Same battle different perspective. I like the Air chrome that comes with Wintergetter, but there is little use for it. Dan's German are a turn late after turn 3. He tried not to test too much his armor, and the end result is, I'm behind the Askai river, fortified, with reinforcement coming strong. At some point I'll have to take the initiative and pound on those panzers. Great game so far, I have a hard tim witht hte Icons on the counters. Should be continuing this game tomorrow nite.

Louis and I are tiredsomely trying to get a Triumph of Chaos game going. this is one hell of a game. I bever went furhter than thurn 4 or 5. Have to.

It's still snowing like hell. We will get a record snowfall this year. I mean a RECORD.... We'll get close to 3 meters of snow. I'm listening to Bebel Gilberto. Fighting any way I can.

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Comment by Marc Guenette on March 1, 2008 at 2:44pm
You were right. GWiE Deluxe. The added kit is simply corrections,. you don't need it to play the game. They are simply corrections. This game rocks.
Comment by Marc Guenette on March 1, 2008 at 2:42pm
Not a big fan of block games. Really not. But Europe Engulfed is a strategic WWII game that could be played in 8/12 hours. Which is a great plus. It's almost flawless rulewise. I don't like the block games more, but I'll play EE/AE anytime... I was fortunate enough to play FAB with Rick young closeby at GMT West, and it's really, a fast furious game. The assets chit brings an almost CDG taste to it too. The really added plus to this one. 4 hours. Less with experienced players for sure.
Comment by John Kranz on March 1, 2008 at 1:19pm
Marcus, great post! That must be The Great War in Europe, Deluxe Edition that was recently published by GMT Games I'm sure. I have to keep my eyes open for the GMT update coming out for the game which I believe addresses some issues with the game. I never played the original XTR version, but I hear it's a fantastic game.

I recently received FAB: The Bulge as well and have yet to take a look at it. I like the concept of this game series, especially as the only block game I've played to date is Rommel in the Desert by Columbia Games.

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