V for Victory?... errr.... no.... S für Sieg!!!

A lot of gaming activity in the last couple of weekends.

Believe it or not, our WiF game has reached an end with the moral collapse of our opponents. In the last post, we left the game with a fair Axis situation, but with black clouds slowly approaching. Well... the clouds were no more than black cotton and the sun shines again all over Europe for the Axis forces.

It was May/June 44. The turn started with good weather around the world. Portugal had just been invaded by the Western Allies and there was nothing we could do to save the country and, worse, its valuable resource point. Well, we could resist that hit... but losing Spain was something we would not allow... otherwise, Italy would be in danger and the Italian Army would have to reduce its important contribution to the defense in France, thus forcing German units in the East to move westwards... no, we definately could not afford losing Spain so soon. So we rushed an expeditionary force to Spain scrapping whatever we could find at the bottom of the barrel. A counterattack in Portugal was ruled out, but it was enough to force the Allies to a very slow crawl across the Iberian Peninsula, hex after hex, mountain after mountain. We expected to be fighting in Spain at least until Xmas... more than enough...

We also could find a couple of units to reinforce our defense in France, at last looking quite solid and able to resist anything not reaching the status of "Hot Die Total Allied Offensive"... a total offensive difficult to be declared if the attack in Portugal was to be supported.

Meanwhile, the Eastern front remained calm. The Red Army had become a horrible hideous monster and a German offensive was out of the question, so I prepared to receive the enemy summer onslaught the best way I could.

Asia had become the center of world attention as China gallantly resisted, turn after turn, the Japanese assault... but enough is enough... and my Japanese friend finally managed to roll higher than 6 and take the last bastion of Chinese independence. At last, after ten never-ending years of war, China finally accepted its fate and Japan became master of the Far East. Simultaneously to the fall of China, Japan also launched a small blitz offensive against Burma and easily took the country. India appeared as the next objective... any Allied unit sent there was to be a unit less to fight in Europe. Congrats to our Japanese brothers in arms.

The Allied impulse was somewhat surprising. We expected all out attacks in Europe but our opponents thought they should prepare their offensives thoroughly... ala Monty... so be it. The Allies in Portugal were content to assault Lisbon, land a few more counters there and deploy in the Spanish border. The front in France remained calm.

Meanwhile, the Soviet player launched a massive air assault against the German lines. It was terrific to see my front line under Soviet bombers. The Luftwaffe took gallantly to the sky and exchanged blows with the Red Air Force. Losses were similar in numbers... but I lost fighters while the Russian lost bombers... not a bad exchange. In spite of the effort of my pilots, quite a few German stacks were bombed... with ridiculous results... out of some 25 counters bombed, just four were flipped... and most rolls had a 40-50% chance of success... you can imagine my opponent's face... and my delight

The next Axis impulse was very, very quiet... just reinforcing our positions around Europe, a couple of details here, one more unit to Spain... nothing important... and then came Armaggeddon...

A Soviet massive assault north of the Pripet marshes. He attacked heavily with all his forces... new bombings... plenty of guards... an offensive chit ready to support the offensive if too many Soviet units were flipped... everything was ready to put the Wehrmacht in serious problems... well... not everything... the die never learned a massive offensive was on the way and rolls were as low as they had been high in the last air impulse. The operation resulted in several Soviet units blasted against the German defenses, I lost exactly 0 units, not even a miserable division, almost the whole Soviet line was flipped and even using all Soviet HQs in the area there were still three very vulnerable hexes in the Soviet line open to a German counterattack... with just a little effort I could put half the Soviet front "out of service" for at least a couple of turns, maybe more... enough time to reach the last winter of war. The Soviet front in the south was still in good shape to defend but too weak to be more than a nuissance... my opponnent had bid everything in the north and he had lost even his underwear.

With the Eastern Front solidly secured, Allied forces in France, Portugal and Denmark bottled in their beachheads and with problems to advance, India threatened by massive Japanese assault, the Allies broke morale and conceded the game... well, had I been them, I would have tried a little longer... but everyone knows I am a fool :-)

After calling the game off, we devoted some time to the first scenario of ASLSK1. We played it three times with one German and two U.S. wins... I was German twice and American once... guess how many times I lost... I guess I must be an excellent strategist and an awful tactician (you can call me anti-Rommel)... victory is sweet, but such a spoiled creature... :-)

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