After finishing our extensive WiF campaign, I am currently fighting to learn, once and for all, to play ASL. As expected, my first lessons come from ASLSK1. I already mentioned our first session last week and things could really have been better for me... this week I've realized I will learn the hard way, so much for my battered ego.

We played the War of the Rats scenario a couple of times. I first played as the wicked German... I blasted, I machine-gunned, I roasted ruskies... and all I got after six turns was 50% of my objectives (oh, and quite a few killed ruskies)... well... I am learning... let's see what happens when Tovarich Ernestov takes care of Stalingrad, it looks easy... well, you know... after four turns those damned fritzes had erased ALL my units from the face of Earth... will I ever learn?

DISCLAIMER: I am a beginer...

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Comment by Ernesto Sassot on April 15, 2008 at 2:59am
Oh, nice: "You'll also find that luck changes a good bit in the scenarios". Let me take a note: "Don't forget to mention bad luck next time I'm blasted out of the map"... I knew I couldn't be that bad... how many lost scenarios do you think I can justify with this one without losing credibility? My battered ego is at last seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... must remember... bad luck... damned dice... horrible rolls... mmm, how many variants!!!! I love it!!!! :-)
Comment by Eric Walters on April 14, 2008 at 2:56pm
Ernesto, you've done the right thing with the starter kits. Enjoy them. Don't feel in a hurry to master all three of them. The experience of ASLSK alone is worth the ancients say, don't hasten to the top of the mountain, for you may get winded and give up too soon. One must enjoy the journey, one step at a time.

The scenarios are generally excellent as a whole in the starter kits and you'll learn many valuable lessons that will serve you well if and when you go onto ASL. Note that I didn't say "graduate" to ASL, mostly because I think the starter kits are that good that some will never feel like going farther than that.

You'll also find that luck changes a good bit in the scenarios...when you get good and are playing good opponents, you'll never feel comfortable. It's a bit like playing COMBAT COMMANDER: EUROPE and MEDITERRANEAN in that regard, but perhaps without the feeling of randomness that can color one's perception of that game system.

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