I am using a streamlined version of the classic Operation Typhoon/Victory in the West system. This involves a chit pull for most units to determine strength upon entering combat. Each player turn has a move-fight-reserves-mech move-fight structure with the Germans being able to attack with everybody twice a turn.

Turns cover two days starting at 28 June 1942 and increases to up to five days during the middle of the campaign. Scale is approximately 10km (6 miles) per hex and basic units are divisions, with Soviet corps & brigades as needed.

Maps run from Kursk to Grozny at the far corners. This leaves room for an expansion map to cover the a drive on Baku (although even with the simple supply rules, it may be quite difficult to reach) and my Kharkov module map covering the Izyum Salient action in May.

There are six scenarios plus a campaign game (just a continuation of scenario 5 all the way to Christmas '42).

Scenario 20.1 - Intro scenario covers the attack by units of the 1st Panzer Armee in the direction of Starobelsk from 7-11 July 1942. Heavy German domination and learning mechanics.

Scenario 20.2 - Large scenario with heavy German drive for Voronezh from 28 June to 6 July 1942. Germans usually reach Voronezh on the last turn, position and dierolls determine victory.

Scenario 20.3 - Covers the encirclement of Stalingrad by the Soviet Operation Uranus from 19 to 25 November 1942. Soviet revenge, isolate Stalingrad, have yet to playtest... working on setup positions.

Scenario 20.4 - Covers the pocket and counterattack of the 1st Tank Army before Kalach from 22 July to 1 August 1942. Germans attack against heavy resistance, Soviet reinforcements arrive to leave final victory in doubt.

Scenario 20.5 - Full Operation Blue with historical launch times, Soviet has tough decisions on where to send reserves... covers the initial Operation Blue 28 June up to 25 July 1942.

Scenario 20.6 - Covers the attempt by the III PzKorps to take Ordzhenikidze from 25 October to 5 November 1942.

The Soviets get a few of their reserve armies by commitment. So they will come in as needed (hopefully). In the campaign game there are a few German panzer divisions and LSSAH division available as VP options. Found that Mark's CtS has the 19th Panzer available, but I found some question whether they were in the area, so they're optional. The 6 & 17 Panzer arrive at the end of the campaign, but have options to bring them on sooner. Also the Eleventh Armee can be kept from going to save Leningrad, and sent to the oilfields...

The campaign uses all three maps plus the two expansions. Full Operation Blue use two maps and the rest cover just sections of a single map. Kharkov Module will cover from the battles in May 1942; as well as a scenario to link with Fall Blau to cover the entire campaign from 12 May.

Comments, suggestions, and assistance, are all appreciated...

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Comment by John Kranz on April 23, 2008 at 1:31pm
Thanks for providing those Cyberboard shots, Greg. Looks good!
Comment by Greg Blanchett on April 23, 2008 at 2:46am
Ran through the learning scenario to get some pictures for examples of play. Should give everyone a taste... Check out the folder here.
Comment by John Kranz on April 19, 2008 at 1:17pm
I'm going to find a way to visit Greg sometime soon since the game system and game topic are two of my all-time favorites. I wish more games had been done using the WitW/Typhoon game system. Hopefully this will be a sign of good things to come. I also appreciate the photos Greg has posted...the one that shows the Russian source map is nice to see.
Comment by Eric Walters on April 17, 2008 at 8:19am
This sure has me salivating. OCS is just too big/too hard at this point (although I fondle those CASE BLUE counters and maps lovingly) and I dream of the day when GMT's EFS covers this. SPI's/DG's DRIVE ON STALINGRAD isn't satisfying enough. I love the strength chit pull system and am glad to see any game using it.

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