The Classics: Older Vintages Are the Best

So, which games deserve classic status? We all differ on this subject, for sure. There are those games that are "designated" as classics--for example, Avalon Hill's STALINGRAD, AFRIKA KORPS, WATERLOO, the 1965 edition of THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE. But what old games do you keep returning to time after time? I have mine...what are yours? And--most importantly--why do you keep coming back to those games? All of us want to know....

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Comment by Smitty on August 20, 2008 at 10:19pm
France 1940 - always come back to it.
Comment by blue on March 23, 2008 at 6:54am
RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN has been released again in Japan. But Though the language is Japanese.
Comment by Eric Walters on March 12, 2008 at 5:51pm
Jeremy, I can't say I least not if they are relatively new. I might have if they are old ones. WATERLOO was great in its day--don't get me wrong--and I would not begrudge players who have devoted thousands of hours to the game in order to master it. They keep playing it and I can't blame them. But for me, I can't go back. Not to that game. I have more fun playing the old Avalon Hill remake of Columbia's original NAPOLEON game for that campaign. And I'll confess a certain nostalgia for NAPOLEON'S LAST BATTLES as well, even with the problems that game suffers from.
Comment by Eric Walters on March 6, 2008 at 11:54am
Don, I keep those games too...but I can't call them classics. Nostalgia, yes. Classics--to me you want to play them. Still. So I guess it depends on your definitions. The so-called Avalon Hill Classics that you see played at WBC and elsewhere to me don't rate the term. "Golden Oldies (Moldies)" possibly, but Classics? I'll never EVER play the old STALINGRAD or 1965 BULGE again...I doubt I'll play Waterloo (despite the new counters and graphics some have designed for it); AFRIKA KORPS I might be able to handle/stomach--might. Interestingly, FRANCE: 1940 I'd still play, especially with the variants. I'd rather play that than most of the other games out there on the topic. So I guess that's a classic. I've seen some new graphics done for that game (map and counters) which renews my interest in it!
Comment by Don Chappell on March 5, 2008 at 10:52pm
I think we all carry a torch for the games we cut our teeth on. But some we're no longer really willing to play. In my case, Tactics II and Midway got a lot of play for years. But the hobby has outgrown them, so I wouldn't enjoy playing them, even to teach. (Alas, I know, because I've tried!)

But I'm not willing to throw them out of their honored places on my bookshelf. So, to avoid cognitive dissonance, I must label them "classics" to justify keeping them.
Comment by Kim Meints on March 5, 2008 at 1:42pm

Yes I do play NaL much more then NLB. Why,Well not really sure. maybe because their are two campaign scenario's to choose from-the Oct.14th or 16th plus the many smaller scenarios if in a rush. Also it's that ,I want to do better the next time thing with this game more so then NLB's.

Yes I do tend to play the older Prestags or even older Tac series SPI games compared to the GBoH series. and I have had that since day one and playtested now 7 titles, published or not out yet so I like the system. It's just that I like the old Phalanx etc. maybe it's my old youth calling me back but I find I can make new scenario's for these old games and have more fun playing-heck,I can get in two games of one of these comapared to one- maybe of the newer titles.
Plus the rules are easier. thats why I still like the old simple Ancients by Bill Banks. can't get easier then that.

So yes I do like the older games over the more newer ones.
Comment by Eric Walters on March 5, 2008 at 12:57pm
Kim, if you had a choice between OSG's Napoleon at Liepzig or the old SPI/TSR/DG Napoleon's Last Battles to be a Classic, which one would you pick? And regarding those SPI PRESTAGS games, are they games you'd pick over similar subjects done in GMT's Great Battles of History (GBOH) and Ben Hull's 17th and 18th Century wargames on the English Civil War and 30 Years War? To me, one of the hallmarks of a classic is that you'd rather play it than most of the newer titles. I've not played PRESTAGS or the GMT games, so I am curious.

Steve, we play AIR FORCE/DAUNTLESS all the time at the Tidewater Area Naval Gamers (TANG) sessions. We're going to try FIGHTING WINGS, but it may prove too much for some once we get deep into it. So AIR FORCE/DAUNTLESS may indeed be considered a classic given the criteria I mention above (you'd rather play it than newer titles).
Comment by Steve Dixon on March 4, 2008 at 12:48pm
For me it's Battleline's Air Force and Dauntless. Great for multiplay or as a two player game. I think both came out in the 70s. I still play them quite a bit!

I have to agree with you on Panzegruppe Guderian and Frederick the Great. Both innovative and great fun!
Comment by Kim Meints on March 3, 2008 at 8:03pm
Yes RC is still a good ol' east front wargame. I prefer the Jedko version with it's less cluttered up map and their RCII update. PGG,Conquistador and Frederick the Great are still some of the best S&T's to ever come out.And yes Columbi'a Quebec 1759 got me stsrted on the block games-loved the gold they used for the strength dots.
For me I always return to play OSG's Napoleon at Leipzig when I want an easy large size Napoleonic game. also SPI's Phalanx,Musket & Pike,Dark Ages,Armageddon for a good tactical game on those periods.
I guess really any game from the 60's or 70's are the ones I return to the most when wanting a fun game for my own entertainment. They hold the most memories of past victories & defeats and the wonder of when I first bought them.
Comment by Akiva on March 3, 2008 at 3:43pm
I couldn't agree more about the Russian Campaign and Diplomacy. Brilliant games.

I also think that Columbia's East Front has been out long enough to count as a classic.

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