Mission #2 for the 'Joy Lisa'

[After the aborted first mission that sent home both our left and right gunners, we receive our newest members; Sgt. Max Fluke, from Shoreview, MN and Sgt. Ted Widger, from Masonville, IA over drinks (which they pay for, of course). The mechanics say our bird is good to go, so we head to the briefing room the next morning for our mission briefing.]

This time we're headed to Nagoya for an Urban Area mission during the Day at High Alt. We draw the Tail Bomber and high squadron position. No resistance is expected (yeah, right). We're going fully armed and manned with our auxiliary tanks. No fighter escort is available.

Take Off:

Base Take off is night as is landing, Our pilot gets us off the ground OK. Fuel consumption is 3 units.

Zone 1:
Weather is good, Nav. On Course, No Random Event

Zone 2:
Climb to Med alt. (4 Fuel) Cabin Pressure on.
Weather Good, Nav. On Course, No Random Event

Zone 3:
Climb to Hi for rendezvous. (4 fuel)
Weather Bad, (1 extra fuel) but safe passage
Nav. On Course. No Random Event.
Formation Assembly is uneventful.

Zone 4:
Weather still bad, (1 extra fuel for 3 total)
No Random Event

Zone 5:
Weather clears to Good. (2 fuel) No random Event

Zone 6:
Since fighter resistance is expected to be none we remain pressurized.
Weather Good. No Random Event. No Fighter resistance. (2 fuel)

Zone 7:
Weather Good. No Event (2 fuel)

Zone 8:
Weather Good. No Event (2 Fuel)

Zone 9:
Weather Good. No Event (2 fuel)

Zone 10:
Weather Good but strong head wind eats extra fuel (3 total)
No Random Event. No Fighter resistance.

Zone 11: (Target zone)
Weather Good (2 fuel) No Random Event.
Moderate fighter resistance (Shoot forgot to depress, too late now, hang on back there) No fighters attack.
Target is slightly obscured. Medium Flak with one hit, 2 shells hit, 1 in fwd bomb bay causing superficial damage and 1 in aft bomb bay. Bomb run is on target, 40% but the aft bomb bay doors are jammed open. We drop out of formation. No additional Flak after bomb run.

We Make our turn after the run - deciding to depressurize and go on oxygen. (1 fuel) Everyone gets their mask on. The flight engineer heads to the aft bomb bay to try to manually close the doors to reduce drag. He successfully closes the door.
Weather is still Good. Nav is On Course, No random Event.
Japanese fighter resistance is moderate. A Frank attacks. He's coming in at 9:00 High. He's a Green pilot. The Left gunner fires the forward upper turret and the Fire controller mans the aft upper turret. The Left gunner hits, and destroys the Frank before he can get a shot off.

Extra turn in Zone 11 for open bomb bay (now closed)
Engineer moves back to Nav/Radio area - Can't re-pressurize till next turn.
Weather is Good. Nav is Off Course. No Random Event. Fighter resistance moderate with another fighter attack. Again it's a Frank, coming in at 10:30 High. He's an average pilot this time. Again the left gunner man's the forward upper turret and the CFC man's the aft lower. The left gunner scores a hit, again destroying the fighter.
(1 fuel [32 used of 46])

Zone 10 (Inbound):
We re-pressurize cabins and go off oxygen to avoid possible frostbite effects.
Weather Good, Nav is back on Course with only a minor course correction required. No Random Event
Fighter resistance is light with no fighter combat.
(13 fuel remaining)

Zone 9 (In):
We are now 'Feet wet' again.
Weather is Good, Nav is On Course, No random event.
(12 fuel remaining)

Zone 8 (In):
Weather Good, Nav is Off course, No random event.
(11 fuel remaining)

Zone 7 (In):
Weather is Good, Nav is Off course, No random event.
(10 fuel remaining)

Zone 6 (In):
We depress and go on oxygen without problems in case we encounter enemy fighters.
Weather is Bad and we get a good tail wind (+1 fuel) but take storm damage. There is superficial damage to the cockpit instruments,
Left wing aileron inoperable. Right wing inboard fuel tank fire that continues. We decide to dive to try to put out the fire but it spreads instead and we must bail out. Everyone makes it out OK. Since Iwo is still enemy controlled we're bailing over water. The sea state is high [-2 mod to survival table] Unfortunately due to the high seas and weather the entire crew drowns or dies of exposure (-4 total mod)

Post mission:
One box crossed off Nagoya.

The Joy Lisa and its crew are another of the many casualties of war. A new plane and new crew will be taking their place - Good luck and God's speed to them.

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Comment by Allen Evenson on April 20, 2008 at 10:37pm
Thanks Gerry. Worst part about my first plane name is that it was named after my wife and boy was she PO'd when I told her it went into the drink with all souls lost! (Last time I do that) My next plane is the "Lick-it-E-Split" I've started mission #3 of my campaign with this new plane and a new crew. The darn greenhorns couldn't make the formation due to being off course in Z3. I haven't decided to If I'm going to abort or not.
Comment by Gerry Palmer on April 20, 2008 at 10:10pm

Nice AAR. I learned I was playing the Z1 fuel consumption wrong. It saved my bacon on my last mission. I'm going to post a report when I have the time. Bad luck for Joy Lisa. No joy there. Better luck next mission!


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