Grant Takes Command (GCACW) - The shorter campaign recap

Five GCACW players gathered at EN YU KAI, an annual wargame convention in Tokyo, on April 26 and 27.

Grant Takes Command

On the first day, we played several basic game scenarios:
- Piedmont (SIV and GTC)
- The Battle of the Wilderness (GTC)
- Brandy Station (SLB)
- Cross Keys and Port Republic (SIV)

Next day, we played the shorter GTC campaign scenario "Marching to Cold Harbor". Two games are played in parallel.
This is recap for the game I played as USA.

Turn 1

Union pulled all troops except Hancock's corps from the frontline, and move them southeast along the North Anna and the Pamunkey. Hancock is left to prevent Rebels from moving north, to force them to protect Hanover Junction.

Confederate cavalries, those were set-up along the South Anna, followed Yankee and block fords along the Pamunkey. Sheridan waited until seeing all Rebels cavalries do not come to Port Royal, then moved to Nelson Bridge and secured it.

Strategic Event was Mosby's Raiders and it had no effect because Union was supplied by the sea. Reinforcement is 2MV for Confederate, 9MV for Union.

Turn 2 - 5

Random event was CSA command paralysis, Rain (current), USA command paralysis, NE. Union amphibious moved one corps from Bermuda Hundred to White House Landing, CSA pulled Beauregard's men to Richmond.

Lee's army left Hanover Junction on Turn 2 and Hancock follow them south. Othre three Union corps crosses the Pamunkey at the ford that Sheridan secured. Rebels started to entrench between Yankee and Richmond.

Union gave up to go straight to Richmond and decided another flanking. It was not to southeast, like Grant did, but to west. It was Turn 4 when Confederate suffered command paralysis.

Strategic Event was Mosby's Raiders and it did not effected again. Hampton promoted. Reinforcement was 2MV for Rebels and 10MV for Yankee. No action in off-map and roll for game end is succeeded (game continued).

Turn 6 - 7

Randam event was NE for both turn. Army of the Potomac almost finished trip to northwest of Richmond, but Burnside corps were left as not stacked together at the tail of the army. Lee did not miss this opportunity and stroke it with Anderson.

Action cycle ended just after this combat. Both armies went into larger battle in next turn. Union lost 9MV and Confederate lost 4MV. Finally, Lee withdrawn.

Time Up

Grant Takes Command - Marching to Cold Harbor

At the end of Turn 7, we must finish this game. It took about six hours.

We rolled for game end at next Strategic Cycle. Result was Game End! We decided that Confederate won this game.

+15 - Destroy Confederate depot
+12 - Caroline county
+20 - Hanover county
+6 - New Kent county
+28 - 14 divisions within 10 hexes of Richmond
+12 - CSA losses
-18 - USA losses
+75 - Confederate Marginal


I enjoyed very much. Advanced game rules are too many for first timers and it required long time to explain before play (we use 1 hour or more...). But playing Union for this scenario is very exciting because there are many options and decisions!

Is Union flanking for westward good decision? I cant answer yet. Eastward flanking (like Grant) is good because it is easy to join Butler's troops. But I want to try other method...

My big mistake was leaving Burnside corps not stacked with better Corps Leader. If Union kept high-stacks, Rebels could not achieve flank bonus in this scenario. Then Union advance toward richmond hex by hex and make a srcum try!

If both players are familiar to the scenario, it can be finished in one day, I think. I want to play this scenario again!

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Comment by Toshikazu Takasawa on May 16, 2008 at 8:51pm
Hi Skip,

There are too many games to play all those we are interested in. I think that GCACW players will welcome you when you come to this wonderful series :-).
Comment by Skip Franklin on May 14, 2008 at 7:58am
I own the whole game series but have not even finished reading the rules (a year or so ago) and thanks to EN YU KAI I am getting interested again. Too bad I am playing Roads to Leningrad (Soltsy) with CyberBoard and may continue a game of the East Front Series (all three games) also with CB that my brain would stop functioning trying to learn GCACW.

Thanks for the After Action Report.
Comment by Toshikazu Takasawa on May 13, 2008 at 10:46pm

Thanks for your comment, and your effort providing ConsimWorld Social!
Comment by John Kranz on May 12, 2008 at 1:38pm
Yes, great AAR. Thanks for posting!
Comment by Toshikazu Takasawa on May 12, 2008 at 10:28am
Giorgio, Lewis, thanks for your comments.

I am solitair playing Lee vs. Grant via Vassal, too. It is simple but very interesting game. Entire campaign of May & June 1864 can be played in one afternoon.

I am interested in Fog of War rules of GCACW but I have never used it.
Comment by Lewis Goldberg on May 12, 2008 at 6:14am
Very nice pictures and AAR. Thanks.
Comment by Giorgio Clavelli on May 11, 2008 at 5:49pm
I look forward to play GTC campaign. I'm currently playing the same campaign with the archetype of the GCACW serie: Lee Vs Grant (VG), which allows to play it, in a slighter scale, but missing all detail GTC brought to it. However, still lot of fun due the excellent gameturn sequence.
The only thing I miss, in this kind of games, is the fog of war. I read there are some house rules about it, for GCACW. Does anybody have used them?

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