I'm thinking I must also talk about the opponents of Cyberboard. There is many game engines that compete to get the #1 position in gamer preferences (right now, undoubt, it is holded by Cyberboard). I will talk my little experience with them, but I guess it is time to talk about the most powerfull opponent that Cyberboard has faced until now: VASSAL

At the beggining, VASSAL was VASL (Virtual Advanced Squad Leader), a very popular java application to play ASL by email and real time. Rodney Kinney had many request to develop the application to support more games, and VASSAL born. Finally, VASL get obsoleted and was abandoned to reborn as VASSAL module. This is, like a classical story of greek mythology where Jupiter eat his sons, the history summary of this tool.

VASSAL is developed under Java, so you can run in every platform. Although it was initially very difficult to develop modules for this engine (requiring programming skills) it seems now it is not a problem seeing the increased modules available for players. It is also a more organized community than Cyberboard, providing all modules available in the same site than application download.

His weak points are, in my humble opinion, is more suitable to real play than pbem, and the java technology uses more computer resources. Big modules can gives you memory problems when using the tool. Also, the learning curve to begin using this tool is more stepped, but one you got it surely will be comfortable using it.

Nothin more can I say, except than I still prefer using Cyberboard by one major reason: my current schedule don't allow me to sit down with the computer to real time play and unattended pbem play fits with my family and work times. But surely it is not your point, right?

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Comment by Manuel P. Ron on May 18, 2008 at 8:56am
I've two facts to guess CB is still on the top:

#1 Meanwhile the CBML Yahoo group is near 2000 members the vassalengine Yahoo Group is at over 1500

#2 There is about 530 modules for vassal against the 1300 gameboxes I have registered for Cyberboard
Comment by Ben Smith on May 18, 2008 at 8:24am
"...many game engines that compete to get the #1 position in gamer preferences (right now, undoubt, it is holded by Cyberboard)"

The #1 position is undoubtedly held by Cyberboard? I would be interested in hearing what basis you have used to support this statement.

Also, VASSAL does PBEM very, very well. There seems to be a bit of a myth going around that VASSAL is better suited to live play than PBEM, I'm not sure how it got started. PBEM is virtually (no pun intended) indistinguishable from live play on VASSAL, other than needing to e-mail log files of course.
Comment by Alfonso Velasco on May 16, 2008 at 3:14am
I don't like the zoom handling in ZunTzu. Modules easier to make? Ar first glance it appears more complex than vassal, and of course ZunTzu doesn't have so many options (yet) than vassal
Comment by Manuel P. Ron on May 14, 2008 at 12:47pm
Wow! That feature to import ADC2 modules is a hit!
Comment by John Rainey on May 14, 2008 at 12:39pm
The new version of VASSAL will import 90% of ADC2 modules, After the import they are now VASSAL Modules. This provides a large number of 'new' VASSAL modules to play. I've used it, and it's fairly easy and gives a very good result.
Comment by Bill Wood on May 14, 2008 at 9:43am
Try ZunTzu - it makes modules even easier to make and it is a an easier interface to jump into to play online.


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