This wwI game by Ted Raiced attract me time ago for his map with big hexes. When finally I grab at sale a copy from GMT online store I laid the map in my table waiting patiently to find a pbem opponent to try it. Finally, my friend Pierre Miranda accepted my challengue and we are going to start with the historical scenario setup where I will try to get into Paris with the Germans.

Always I buy this game I always check if there is a gamebox available. Of course, GMT supports Cyberboard and there is currently two modules available in its page for this game. But when I was going to begin to play this game I noticed there is a 3rd cyberboard gamebox available, a non official gamebox by french cbdesigner Thierry Aradan (whose gamebox for Paths of Glory is official and is posted in the GMT games page).

Gameboxes designed by Thierry don't shows his best in the board component. He simply paste a decent bitmap that will be enough for playing fine. Meanwhile official gameboxes provided by GMT are basically a copy and paste work (for counters and map), Thierry's Grand Illusion gamebox provide great countersheet artwok. Each counter is clipped and beveled, and carefully detailled.

He take advantage of many features of CB, as object tips to show the historical denomination of each unit. He adds many markers don't included with the original game, to cover rules exception and help users to play. If you are used with the gamebox and get finally try face to face you will miss those helpfull markers during the play. And the best, he improve original counters with add-on like the yellow dot to help you identify the corps units for stacking purpose.

Yes, the gamebox is my preferred, more than GMT officials available. By the way, I notice the gamebox download list in the GMT site is not up to date and it miss several gameboxes available, like both Grand Illussion games (not to say how many gameboxes for GMT games that are not there). The GMT web admin must take account of this.

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