Quite busy. TWO Car accidents: my wife (not major, only a rear bumper to replace) and my step-daughter (her van -which we co-signed for- utterly demolished; she is not hurt, at all, fortunately,).

I am now 2nd Vice-Commander for my American Legion Post. Always a nice feeling, winning elections.

Memorial Day = Memorial Day Parade in Downtown Toledo and Decorating the Veterans' Graves. We
usually have school groups helping to place the flags on graves. Then Memorial Day
Day itself with Mass, Memorial Service and then a Dinner.

George W. Bush is going to help me go to Origins this year, where I intend to get GMT "Under the Lilly
Lilly Banners" and maybe "Sweden Fights On".

But, I couldnt help myself . as I did get a few items on The List. Nothing major:

S&T#200 "Campaigns of the French Foriegn Legion". -I really like the system
in "First Afghan War" and this S&T has Three Games !!

S&T#107 "Warsaw Rising" -John Prados' system found in "Monty's D-Day" and
"Fortress:Berlin" which I definitely like and the Topic intrigues me.

S&T#149 "The Franco-Prussian War" -I HAD TO get this: I have the others
in the "Wars of the Imperial Age": Russo-Turkish, Austro-Prussian,
and "Risorgimento" the wars of Italian Unification, so the
'Completetist' in me took over.

And a few "House-Keeping Items" such as the game-only "Berlin '85", I have my original copy but the
counters have faded to near-illegibility, a new set looks as nice as the original condition. I got this back in
high school and played the hell out of it!! great fun and very good memories!! I also got a few back issues
of various magazines, like S&T's I have games to but no magazine, some C3i 's for the errata and

I am awaiting GMT to send me "SPQR Deluxe" (sometime this month ??), the latest "Against
The Odds" magazine with "Paukenschlag"and RHBERG's"Winds of War" and the latest S&T "Red
Dragon Rising" and the Newest "World at War" "Barbarossa" (the Premier Issue of Decision Games'
latest magazine).

I am definitely interested by Decision's latest effort. ANOTHER Wargame Magazine !!! I certainly hope that
they can make it work, I have taken their offer of special rates for both S&T and WaW subscriptions to help
them, BUT !!! I have to wonder if the market is there for it. Can Dcision come up with Twelve games a year?
and, if so, will the games be any good ?

Oddly enough, it has gotten me thinking about my own ideas about designing wargames. I did,
as I am sure all of you did as well, in the past have several ideas for wargames. In high school my friends
and I did actually make some for our own amusement. (two were set in the Boer War -Colenso and Spion
Kop. Others were in the Civil War. The main system we came up with looked alot like the OSG "20th
Maine"/AH "Devil's Den" system, but with ours you rolled to see who could move their formations. And
we were playing our games before we ever heard or saw "20th Maine"!) . When I was in the U.S. Army,
some of my fellow soldiers and wargamers and I also came up with some good Ideas. One in particular
was a game on 'How to Control a Country' or "SMASH An Uprising!!", based on Poland and the
Solidarity Movement. It was actually fairly good with several of us working on it, we could see it being
a viable commercial entry. (Unlike some others of our efforts, which basically collapsed as we
strayed into the "Add The Kitchen Sink!" territory. One wanted to do "Squad Leader" with Modern
Weaponry. It basically turned out that Yaquinto's "Close Assault" was what we wanted to do.)

It is yet another year that I cannot make it out to the ConSimWorld Expo. I am getting
tired of not being able to make it out there. I think that next year, I shall plan to be out West sometime
in April and so, just simply ALREADY BE THERE and avoid any questions about "Can I make it there?".

Origins, though, is a definite for me. Fortunately, this year, it is Before July 4th, Independence Day.

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