Do you hope to the game magazine?

A recent game magazine is overwhelmed to the Internet, and thinks that it is losing a past glory. My own hope hopes for the introduction on the function side by a detailed system explanation to play a game and actual play. The magazine that was able to be improved as such can be obtained by limiting it only to Japan and the United States.
However, the population's in which it subscribes to the magazine decreasing will disappear in the situation of present Japan sooner or later if some measures are not considered because it is clear.
Still, there is a box game like the United States, and it is necessary to prepare the environment that the magazine makes it a theme. Therefore, because the magazine environment of Japan progresses in a bad direction, positive sales of the box game are important to hold this off. It might be impossible to raise the player under the present situation not made of environmental considerations that prepare the dwelling only for not an individual house but the club though there are a lot of problems even by this. It is likely to think the movement game library is set up without thinking only a permanent hall is installed if it thinks positively about one.
In conclusion, because the player of Japan is not in the environment to which the elderly person brings up a person who a lot, and is young now, it will have to be used well by using the magazine though it is necessary to do some measures immediately.
However, the game magazine of Japan doesn't seem to move in total well, and I think that the magazine is unmotivated now.

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Comment by Eric Walters on June 17, 2008 at 1:54pm
True enough, Greg, regarding the quality of magazine games. I've generally looked at them as semi-finished as a whole. The most promising usually get picked up as a boxed game or re-released as a second edition. Decision Games is doing something very different, taking old SPI games, cleaning them up, and republishing them. You get that in STRATEGY AND TACTICS once in a blue moon...and it appears we'll see a lot more in WORLD AT WAR (at least at first). Me, I keep hanging onto those magazine games, at least because there's a number of arcane topics that they cover that I don't have in a boxed game (and I'm a rabid history nut). Even still, the first chance I have to relegate some to the closet, I do it. Most of my old WARGAMER magazine games have suffered that well as a lot of early S&T games (LOST BATTLES and COMBINED ARMS, anyone?).
Comment by Greg Blanchett on June 17, 2008 at 1:46pm
Not affected by me... I've gotten rid of most of my magazine games and stopped getting more. Mainly due to storage (boxes fit in the bookcase easier), but also as the quality of the game themselves tends to suffer versus a full boxed game that isn't being slated for deadline issue. YMMV
Comment by Eric Walters on June 17, 2008 at 1:17pm
I stand corrected. Well, I'll just point to Minden Games and PANZERSCHRECK instead--seems that the hardcopy magazine format is alive and well. Surprises me, quite honestly.
Comment by Jack Beckman on June 17, 2008 at 1:08pm
Just as a note - Turning Point Simulations, while published by the same company as ATO, will not be magazine games, but boxed games.
Comment by Eric Walters on June 17, 2008 at 12:21pm
Blue, your blog here begs some pretty fundamental questions on the future of board wargaming, particularly with regard to developing/growing new players. I've found it interesting that in the United States, Decision Games is starting a new magazine devoted completely to WW II topics and treatments. It will be kind of like a STRATEGY AND TACTICS magazine format, but only on WWII subjects. Looking at the game lineup, it seems to be remakes of old SPI games (like the original BARBAROSSA for the first issue, but redone a little bit). The magazine AGAINST THE ODDS is also doing a "spin off" magazine on "turning point" situations/simulations. So one would think that wargaming magazines, rendered in traditional hardcopy formats, are doing well here--particularly if they have a game in them.

At the same time, I note that the internet contains a number of hobbyist/amateur publications that are of very high quality, published in PDF. That and the Desk Top Published (DTP) board wargames augur for some sort of internet wargame magazine with a game in it--and it may be a "traditional" DTP game that you print out, assemble, and play OR it could be a bit of code that launches a basic computer wargame (probably running on a Windows application, I'd guess). Or, if you want to get really ambitious, you provide a VASSAL module or CYBERBOARD game box with the internet magazine...the rules and charts are in the magazine, but the map and pieces only exist in the VASSAL/CYBERBOARD module!!!!

If this happens, you are right about the change in the character of player interaction--it will be less "one-on-one" (whether an older gamer is teaching a younger one) or even club play....we'll all be playing in the "virtual" wargaming environment on the internet....

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