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This blog will cover my solo game using a hybrid of SPI's Central Front Series and Victory Games Flashpoint:Golan. There is an active Consimworld Discussion at:

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Basically the rules system is from the Flashpoint:Golan game. Mark Herman originally designed this system for a WP-NATO conflict. With the fall of the WP and the re-unification of Germany it was thought that this setting was no longer marketable. They then reset the game in the Mideast using the forces of Israel, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon.

The maps and OOB information are from the CFS and the two later games from 3W (North German Plan and Donau Front). Chris Fawcett used his graphic skills to produce a set of counters for all five of the CFS games. These counters have combat values that use FP:G factors etc.

Here is an overview of each sides plan (and the results of the NATO pre-war move):

HOF GAP – DONAU FRONT Flashpoint: Central Front

I’m playing the ‘Non-Surprise’ Scenario, with rules from the DF game.

Otherwise I based most of the conversion on Dan Stuebers notes posted in the Flashpoint Central Front folder in the regular forums on Consimworld.

NATO forces get a free OPS phase in order to move out of their Garrison positions. They also get their re-enforcements one turn earlier. Units scheduled to arrive on Game Turn one were allowed the Pre-game move from their entry Hex’s.

NATO Plan:


2 ACR tightened up their line, converting it into an arc from Bamberg (Hex 2525), following the curve of the Main River running about 8 hex's from the border ending at Weiden(0944).

1 AD moves forward in order to take up a defensive line from Beyreuth (2237) in the north to Amberg (0436) in the south.

3 ID moves forward in order to take up a defensive line from Coburg (3630) in the north to Beyreuth (2237) in the south.

12 Pz Div forms up around Enlanger and Bamberg in order to function as the Corps reserve.

1 AD, 3 ID and 12 Pz Div are still moving toward the positions above. As 3 ID moves in (from North to South) 2 ACR will collapse backwards in order to reconstitute. 2ACR will take a large majority of the fight in the first 2 turns.


II WG Corps is the Major HQ in this sector. The border is covered by a force of 9 Recon companies provided by detaching each Recon Bn’s from the three Divisions that make up II WG Corps. They do not have all of the support (Avn and Arty) that a US ACR has. They are stationed about 3-4 hexs from the border.

4 Pz Div used the NATO pre-move to consolidate in the II WG Corps sector, they started split among both maps. They will form a line from Schwarzenfeld (4731) in the north to Bogen (2935).

1 GbJgr Div will cover from Bogen (2935) in the north to Passau (1345) in the south right at the Austrian border.

As French forces flow on to the map they will at first provide forces for the II WG Corps Reserve and then form up as II Corps FR. This Corps will provide the defeat mechanism in the form of a Counter Attack that pinches off the WP penetration forces moving toward Munchen.

Warsaw Pact Plan:

Soviet and WP forces arrive as follows:

All forces scheduled to arrive on turns 1-4 arrive instead on turn 1. All other units arrive three turns earlier, i.e. turn 5 units arrive turn 2 etc.


1 Czech Army consisting (at start) of 20 MRD (CZ) and 2 MRD (CZ) as the primary units and supported by 2 Arty BDE’s and 3 Attk Avn Bn’s will move SW (along the map sheet long axis) following the Autobahn from Amberg (0436) into Nurnberg. This movement will fix the US forces in that area.

Soviet Central Group of Forces (CSFG) consisting (initially) of 6 GTD, 18th GMRD and 51 TD will sweep around the Main River between Beyreuth(2237) and Kulmbach(2737). They then force a river crossing VIC Bamberg (2525). They will then exploit SW and exit the map edge.


Soviet 5th Guards Tank Army (5GTA) consisting initially of 15 GTD and 18 GMRD will cross the Donau River VIC Deggendorf(2538) and/or VIC Bogen(3035). Then using the Donau River as it’s north boundary and the Isar River as it’s south boundary it will exploit off the SW map edge.

Czech 4 Army consisting initially of 15 MRD and 5 TD will engage and hold the WG 4 Pz Div. As follow on divisions arrive they will skirt north of the Danua River, providing flank protection to 5GTA.


East German 3rd Army is available in the HG sector. Soviet 13th Army can be used in either axis of advance.

Pictures. Sorry for the quality of these pictures, I was trying to show the bigger view. During the first turn I'll take tighter shots that allow you to see the units ect.

Front lines of both AO's:

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Comment by John Rainey on June 25, 2008 at 6:35am
Lets shoot for next week. I can keep plugging away at this and then do a reset at the beginning of next week. I've already seen a couple mistakes in my play and one rules ooops that was to late to reset..... hope to post turn one AAR this evening.....
Comment by Chris Fawcett on June 24, 2008 at 10:16pm
I'm available tomorrow, then out of pocket for a couple of days, then I have an evening or two next week.
Comment by John Rainey on June 24, 2008 at 6:46pm
Chris, it would be fun to have someone else join in! What afternoons and or evenings would work?
Comment by Dan Stueber on June 24, 2008 at 4:02pm
I played it with surprise. I don't remember too much as it was a few months back when I played and I did not take notes. I do remember NATO being able to react pretty well due to all of their activations they get with those smaller divisions. It was fun.
Comment by Chris Fawcett on June 24, 2008 at 3:31pm
You want me to swing by and help play it, or would you prefer to stay solo with this one?
Comment by John Rainey on June 24, 2008 at 3:29pm

Did you play it stand alone? Surprise or no surprise? One of the first things I did in the NATO pre-move (that and since I not playing the surprise scenario the WP did not recieve a pre-Turn 1 all divisions move turn) send all the 4th Pz Div down from HG map to Donau map.

I'm 1/3 of the way through turn one right now. Hope to post tonight......
Comment by Dan Stueber on June 24, 2008 at 11:15am
I really want to read this AAR. I played Donau Front once using the FP:G system. I thought NATO did pretty well but they only stopped the Warsaw Pact near Munchen. That open terrain east of Munchen is easy for the Warsaw Pact to cross.
Comment by Chris Fawcett on June 23, 2008 at 7:59am
Looks great, John! Hope to get some good feedback from this playtest.

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