Well, Jacob managed to get up on time and play in his Semi-Final game again Jason Levine. He was thoroughly trounced, but Jason gave his some tips about how to improve his play, and Jacob actually listened! Perhaps he'll be a threat for the championship next year. Jason played Chris Trimmer and was throughly pummeled. I think Jacob needs to get some tips from Chris, too :)

Things have been pretty quiet. I went down to registration early and Don said he only needed me around noon. All went smoothly. I've got to thinking about the GM presentation that I'll be giving on Wednesday. Between today and tomorrow, I should have a draft pulled together for Don. They quest is to both entertain and educate. A tall order!

The girls and Kerry slept in pretty late. Although we had hamburgers and fries from Splash's for lunch, we've already gone through a lot of our food supplies, and it's still early in the week. I see another trip to Walmart in my future. Amelia and Kerry seem to be getting along quite well. She also dragged Phil down to the pool at some point.

At 5 pm, I sent Amelia and Rebecca down to learn Through the Ages, which we own but have never played. Raphael is providing the demo, which is immediately followed by a Mulligan Round. They liked the game and seemed to get a fairly good grasp of it, so both played in the Mulligan. Apparently neither had paid much attention to the program, so they weren't prepared for a 5-hour marathon game. Eric Brosius says that Amelia seemed to hit the wall around 10:30, but stuck in there until the midnightish finish. Neither won and neither has been clear about whether or not they will play in Round 1 of the events.

I went to bed fairly early. (I have to be strong enough to get by the rest of the week without much sleep.), I did spend some time talking to Andy Lewis about Karsten's new design. We're trying to get enough pressure on Dr. Engelmann that he'll deliver the design and keep CDWs in GMT's pipeline. We'll see how it goes. Andy's kids are pretty amazing. You can certainly tell they are the children of gamers.

Before falling asleep, I saw the Redskins win in their first pre-season game. I think it was a good omen :) At least it was fun to consider the idea that we may have something to be proud of this year down DC-way.

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Comment by Ewan on August 9, 2008 at 11:37am
And after the 3rd, Kaarin was eaten by a grue and never seen again.

OK, this is not actually _true_ - I was talking to her less than an hour ago - but the thronging masses at the blog doors want to know what happened next. Was Jason Levine smitten by lightning, or at least Bruce Reiff? Did the GM breakfast contain mind-altering substances? Is Don Greenwood really playing Liar's Dice this year? Tune in...
Comment by Mircea Pauca on August 7, 2008 at 11:06am
Greetings from Romania !
I'll say Hello to all of my PBEM partners fortunate to be at WBC and play Victory in the Pacific, Tigers in the Mist, Breakout: Normandy and all your and my favorites !
Comment by Kaarin Engelmann on August 4, 2008 at 8:24pm
Thanks so much for your support :) I'll be here. Look forward to gaming with you!
Comment by Justin Rice on August 4, 2008 at 6:02pm
Rest assured: The Redskins will be terrible again this year.

See you tomorrow!

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