Earlier today I noticed that my Inkscape Boardgame Extensions (as mentioned in my earlier blog posts here at consimworld) did not work at all with Inkscape 0.46 (currently only available as pre-release). The API for making extensions has been alomst completely rewritten since 0.45.1 that I were using. To fix this I did a major rewrite of the extensions, now available as the Inkscape Boardgames Extensions 0.7.

(If you still use Inkscape 0.45, version 0.6 of the extensions are still available as well.)

Inkscape 0.46 looks really, really good by the way. The list of new features is impressive.

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Comment by Pelle Nilsson on March 12, 2008 at 4:18pm
Thanks for the feedback. :) The instructions are in index.html (perhaps I should rename that file?). Installation should be done by puttng all .py and .inx files into the extensions folder of Inkscape (something like c:\program files\inkscape\extensions... I think.. the same folder that has all the other extensions that came with Inkscape when you installed it.).

If you are new to Inkscape you may want to check out the documentation on www.inkscape.org. They have some good small tutorials showing all the basics, and there are FAQs on normal problems, and some page describing what to do to install extensions (in case my advice was of no help). The SVG files included with my extensions have some instructions for the countersheet extension, but assumes that you know what a "group" or a "layer" is and some other basic stuff.

The hexmap extension is the easiest one to try after you have managed to put the files in the correct folder and started Inkscape and seen that they show up in the Effects menu. Just run the hexmap effect and enter some random values and click OK, and you should see hexagons all over the current document. As long as there are no crashes it should just work...
Comment by Chad Oatman on March 12, 2008 at 3:56pm
I'm brand new to board game design, and when I saw a link to software that would allow me to produce counters I was very excited. I've never used photoshop or any others. I downloaded Inkscape, and the extensions. Inkscape came up after install, but I do not know how to properly save the extensions to work with the base software. I downloaded 0.45.1, and both versions of the extension just in case. How or where do I save the extensions to get them to work?
Comment by Pelle Nilsson on March 12, 2008 at 3:35pm
Two things worry me about this project at the moment:

1. Most people download version 0.6 (for Inkscape 0.45). Only 16 so far have downloaded 0.7 (for Inkscape 0.46). However I do not plan do make any more updates for Inkscape 0.45. Perhaps I should re-plan and try to make the next version work with both versions of Inkscape anyway?

2. Although many have downloaded these extensions (about a 100 downloaders in total, of which 27 followed the links from this blog), I have seen very few comments here or elsewhere, and most comments seem to be from people that like the idea, but have not tested the extensions. Is it not working? Are people only downloading, planning to test sometime in the future? Are the examples and instructions really bad? Are everyone so busy using the extensions to create games that they have no time to provide feedback? Someone at BGG had some problems with Inkscape crashing. Perhaps that is happening to everyone but me?

Anyway, I'm having fun playing with these extensions. Since 0.7 I have added bitmap include support (makes the card game example a lot easier; you don't have to create the separate templates for each image to include on the different cards anymore, just specify the filenames.png (or .jpeg) directly in the CSV file). There are some improvements in error handling and searching for the CSV files in more places, to make it less likely that there are weird errors about not finding files. And there is a small example creating blockgame block stickers, but that's really no different from a normal countersheet, I only felt like experimenting a bit with the new features in Inkscape 0.46 and practice my drawing skills. Not sure the result was very good anyway, but I had fun doing them.

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