Well, I was surprised!

The player who was General of the Army, Operational Level, for Germany has just emailed me saying that he must commit suicide and leave the game! This was his reaction to the news that his units in the Low Countries were cut off from supply. They would not be permitted to attack, but could move.

Embarrassing? Yes, but not worth throwing in the towel for. This is a complex game, no question. I have been telling players for a while now that the team that knows and understands the rules, communicates best, and keeps good records - shares best, will do well in the war.

The German forces burst into Holland between Groningen, in the North, and Arnhem. They did not go for any of the cities, but moved in and Southward. In Belgium, they did the same, crashing through the Maginot line and making a bee-line between cities for France.

The result was that Dutch and Belgian army units, still intact, closed in behind them and cut off supplies. The rules indicate that a Supply Head or Depot must be created in a new Front with the first city captured. They didn't capture any cities. The rules also state that a pseudo defensive line runs between cities, stopping an attack that tries to go between. The stopping point, known as a holding position, lasts only the one turn. After that, the force is free to continue. They went deeper instead of taking the city or cities on either end of the defense line.

The Germans then ran into the next defensive line, between the next two cities, and halted there. The Dutch commander reinforced Groningen, Arnhem, and the cities around the Germans. The lines were back and the Germans sent no follow-on force to deal with the rear.

Now the German leader has two problems to deal with. His General has to be replaced and he has to do something about the armies that are cut off. This is why I say my game is a command game rather than a battle game. You get to experience the stress and anxiety of leaders and generals. Battles happen, but the immersion factor is intended to be in the problems faced by the high command.

Join us ! Casualties happen, but the war goes on. It is now March 1940 and the ranks are thinning. We need YOU !

WW2 The Big One -- Like no other !

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