I really like to see other people’s stuff. It just looks cool to see someone’s games on their shelf, or how they have organized their counters, or…whatever. So here are some pictures of my stuff and how I organize one of the coolest and best games ever created.

Here is my ASL shelf with my boards, core modules, HASLs, magazines, and ASL SK’s. I keep all of the boxes, but most of them are empty. I have some extra counters in the Yanks box. I have all of the Journals, Annuals (except for 97…), the Action Packs, some Critical Hit mags, and some various scenario packs. Yes, that is a “Beat Navy” towel that I got one year at West Point, and those are my Army medals on top of the bookcase. And yes, that is a Bronze Star I received in Operation Desert Storm. I salute all of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen who serve today!

I have spiral bound the rule book, most of my scenarios, Chapter H, and even all of the ASL articles from Avalon Hill’s The General, from volume 22 through volume 32. I like spiral binding because the rulebook lays flat, and I can read it easier than a 3-ring binder. It weighs less, and is more portable. Now, I did wait until I had all of the modules. When the Finnish module comes out, I will have to have those pages inserted in the rulebook and Chapter H. No big deal, and only costs a few dollars. I also had the chapter dividers spiral bound, and this makes them easier to use. Everything is in one location, and very handy!

The ASL RB laid out on the table. I love how the spiral binding is very secure and sturdy, but lays flat on the table and is easier to read. No more 3-ring binders for me!

Here are some photos of the scenario books, and the book I made of The General articles. There were some really good articles on ASL in the old AH magazine, and I have put them all in one place for easy reference.

Some people may balk at the idea of spiral binding scenario cards. I made copies of the scenarios I had on card stock and kept the originals in the game boxes. The books lay flat so they can still be used for setup and gameplay. You don’t have to cart around all of those heavy binders, and you can thumb through them easier to pick out that one scenario you have always been wanting to play!

My scenario books

Now go play some ASL!

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Comment by Brett W Avants on July 12, 2010 at 6:34am
Thanks! I created the coversheets and just had it done at OfficeMax.
Comment by Shane Woyak on July 11, 2010 at 11:43pm
who did you spiral binding, looks nice...
Comment by Brett W Avants on July 11, 2010 at 6:06pm
Hey Grumpy - I think the spiral binding of the ASLRB is a great time saver for me. It is easier to read for me, and much more portable than a 3 ring binder. Sometimes I will take a break from the office and go out to lunch, and take the rulebook with me and read it. (is this really geeky...?) Much easier to do than with a binder. I also find it easier to thumb through scenarios this way, too. I have been doing a lot of travelling for work, and a spiral bound book is easier to take on a plane than a big binder. Now if I could just scan in the pages and create an electronic version, I would be set. As far as actual gaming time saved, not sure. Probably not much to be honest. This way I just know where everything is.
Comment by Joey Sabin on July 11, 2010 at 1:50am
Wow! Now that's deep.

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