Avalanche Press: Missing a business savior by ignoring social media?

As a once loyal customer that has sold most of my AP games off now I was wondering what the rationale is behind them not allowing people to enjoy games on VASSAL or other types of electronic medium?

This has more than hurt their business than help it as far as I can see. In fact I know of several people I chat with on a regular basis that would buy their products if not for one thing:
Lack of opponents and their stance on allowing the people that might own their games to play online somehow.

Due to the fact that that they are not up to date on their archaic standards of social media like companies such as GMT I simply do not buy their games anymore because I despise solo play as an excuse "just to own a game".

GMT usually has free demos on the internet in VASSAL with a voice chat server. I immediately pre ordered several of their games due to those demos. I have no one near me to play ANY board wargames other than the fluffy euro type games. Panzer Grenadier could have been such a big hit but no one wants to touch it due to lack of opponents.

What is the company stance on this? And namely...why? Even a slip of paper with a code on it tucked in the gamebox to activate a downloadable VASSAL module would be a godsend.

DVG games can do that. Other companies thrive by word of mouth and people playing their games nightly. So what gives? I only ask because I was a huge fan of the PZG series but with no social outlet the love of the game just faded. And playing solo is no fun at all when other titles of equal quality are being put out by companies that can simply be played online.

I have noticed that recently the AP website was updated with a PLAN to move to VASSAL. I can only hope they do this as my finger is once again itching to press that "ADD TO CART" button once more for Panzer Grenadier.

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Comment by Hudson on July 17, 2013 at 10:56am

I dont think much has changed in the two years I took off from gaming either. I dont own anymore AP titles. 

Comment by Bob Greene on August 24, 2011 at 5:34pm
AP now has several games available via the download method and even freebies for Gold Club members.  I'd like to know where the money goes when orders are placed because if you are located overseas, your best bet is to just purchase a download.
Comment by Anthony Hicks on June 28, 2011 at 1:57am
Without a doubt, AP's policy has discouraged me from buying their games.

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