I just completed an update to "Battle of Moscow" which can be downloaded through the above link.   Once on the page click on image to start the download. 
The improvements are;
- Runs on any screen size.
- Added an overview map
- Added Game help
- Added undo move function
- Fixed window resizing to not 'flash'
- Better NATO tank  symbol

It was a bit rushed since I only had a limited time to spare from SFGE any bug reports or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, or whether you were even able to play the game.

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Comment by Chris Gammon on May 6, 2012 at 10:53pm

Yes, I just realized that only now.  I thought 4 was full strength.

Comment by Thomas A Stevenson on May 6, 2012 at 10:27pm

I'll fix the typos, thanks for catching them.  I think replacements works correctly, half strength units are slighltly lighter in color then full strength.  Note all Soviets start at half strength (4-4) and have to be built up to full sthrength (8-4).  I wouldn't be suprise if there was a problem with undoing combat.  I'll check into it.

Comment by Chris Gammon on May 6, 2012 at 9:59pm

Thanks for the interesting game Thomas!  The interface is simple and easy to use.  Of course I ran into some user problems, but this gives me an opportunity for a bug report!  I messed up an advance after combat, so I decided to re-do the combat phase.  But after designating my attacks, the "Resolve Combat" button is grayed out.

Also, while assigning losses, I ran into a situation where I could not undo a loss assigned to an attacking unit.  I think I was successful at some point undoing a loss but I didn't write down the steps that led up to this.  I'll pay more attention next time.  Replacements: This states it can be used to create a half-strength unit.  But when I choose a replacement, the (apparently) full-strength unit appears.

I found a variety of typographical errors.

  1. Setup Phase instructions: "...with all Germans units..." Germans should be German.
  2. Combat Phase instructions: "An attacked can be changed..." attacked should be attack.
  3. Replacements: The 4th bullet has a space between "communication" before the period to end the sentence.
  4. Replacements: The 6th bullet should read "restored" rather than "restore to full strength".

I'll take note of more of them next time.  Gotta run for now.

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