Borodino 1812 S&T issue 32 Part Three (solo)

Turn 3


For the French, I persisted with the flanking moves, using newly arrived units to bolster their strengths. I decided that the right flank looked more of a prospect to be able to break down and capture the redoubt, as the left flank was looking to well defended.


Not much changed in defence, just the much needed back-up was slowly arriving.

Turn 4


The French attack 2 units on the right flank, the 5-4 inf unit making the defensive block, and the 4-4 inf unit defending the side of the redoubt. Both are forced to retreat, leaving one side of the redoubt exposed. If the French can succeed in attacking the redoubt through the non-defensive hexside, then they can increase the chance of success, without running the risk of suffering high casualties.


The Russians not only counter-attack on the left, but launch an attack on the cavalry on the right. If the attack went well against the cavalry, it may panic the French into diverting units to support the cavalry, making the French attack on the left less supported.

They did get some some decent rolls from the die, but also a couple of bad "exchanges". They eliminated a cavalry unit on both the left and right side, and all the other attacks forced the French to retreat. They did lose a 7-4 & a 3-3 inf to exchange results. Not good.

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