3rd Division command

As the Ivy division prepares for their assault on Utah, there command looks out over the beaches to the land beyond. A flat tableland like terrain dotted with few trees and cover. Good for them to see the defenders but bad that there is no cover. They will have to make it off the beaches as fast as they can.

BOOM...BOOM...BOOM, the cruisers guns start the opening barrage against the beach defenses. A another destroyer moves up to provide support fire and pinpoint the pillboxes and heavy guns. Many of the men loading onto landing craft look over to see the support lining up for them. A bit relieved that they have this support, they continue down the rope ladders to the awaiting landing craft. They are weighted down with equipment for fighting on the beach as well as moving forward inland. Slowly down, they looking for positions Lieutenants and Sergeants get them into position. So the boat is full and it motors away as another pulls up to the side. Just behind the ship the landing craft circle and wait until all the craft are loaded.

To the other side of the command ship, the DD tanks disembark from there ship. Looking like turtles wading into the ocean the tanks move into the water. They to begin to circle awaiting the order to land. Again three loud BOOM's and more 8' shells head for the shore. By this point the land is now covered with smoke, dust and sand kicked up by the shells. It makes it had to see the shore, but it is still there with the Germans still waiting. Three battalions and one company make there way to the beach to face an unknown fate.

Beach defense command

Looking out on the ocean the American and British armada positions to unload. German command is a bit overwhelmed by the number of ships it sees. Cruisers, destroyers, transports, landing craft all positioned to attack the beaches. Quickly troops move into positions within their bastions, machinegunners check weapons and extra amount is brought forward. Forward command contacts the heavy guns behind the beach telling them to prepare. But there is some confusion as reports of American paratroops in the area have the gunners spooked. Command reassures them and gets them to focus on there jobs. Others try to verify the claims.

BOOM...BOOM...BOOM, the American ships start their bombardment. The shells landing behind the command center, the officers know that they will be targeted and only hope the concrete is thick enough. Soon small dots are seen on the ships, this will be the Americans departing the transports for the landing craft. Command makes sure the HMG's are ready and the lighter artillery will be able to fire on the troops as they land. Another round of shells land closer and collapse a communication trench, several men are trapped and medics race to free them. Smoke starts to obscure the ships, but we can see the small boats circling and then start to reform for the run to the beach. The order goes out that the landing is to commence. "Stop them at all cost." says the battalion commander into his radio.

The battle for Utah beach has begun...

Note- The first battle for the Ivy Division is to land in France. In the random map selection I will be using maps 7 and 8 making it a very flat and open battle. The Americans have 3 battalions landing with a company of DD tanks, plenty of OBA and some airpower. The Germans have one battalion with an AT company for support. That have decent OBA support so it could be a long day for the 3rd Division. Leaders are good on both sides with morale and combat bonuses.

I will be playing this out over the course of the next couple weeks. I may be able to post a mid game AAR as well as a final when I am done. Looking forward to giving you some pictures too.

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