'Comrade General, it appears they weren't just playing possum after all.' (OCS CB/EatG mini-AAR)

By the end of October 1941 it was clear that things were starting to go slightly wrong for the Axis.

If memory serves, at one point outside Kharkov and Dnepropetovsk it was only an Axis double-turn that saved a couple of chunks of the Wehrmacht from a sticky situation (the corresponding Russian double-turn occurring earlier for little or no advantage).

Images are taken at the end of the [27?] October 1941 turn when the Russians went second; I think these are 1 or 2 turns after the previous set. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.

Kharkov - Life in the briar patch for the would-be conquerors of Kharkov. The DG unit in the corner chose to take a loss on a Do1 result rather than retreat, as doing so would have entailed their rapid exit from the game. Note the unmolested double-track railroad leading to- to- wherever the heck it goes to. Out where the Airborne are wandering, probably lost.

Why two HQ in Kharkov? One does the paperwork, the other holds instructional classes in turnip-farming, I suspect. And you never know when you might want a spare; I'm following the Axis model - just out of this shot are about 3-4 German HQs shouting contradictory orders to a couple of confused security battalions, so don't talk to me about redundancy.

Dnepropetovsk - Communist menaces continue to make the Italians run around waving their arms and shout 'Aiuto!' a lot. The Hungarians were also shouting, but then suddenly there were less of them around, so they couldn't be heard over the wailing of the Italians.

Rumor has it that the Russian 4th Rifle division was holding its one map upside down and so ended up on the wrong side of the Dnieper River. It must've been a bit chilly.

Crimea - After pausing to snack on the (very briefly) exultant lead German forces that finally made it through the fortifications, the Russians reoccupy abandoned positions and start counting out more field gun ammunition.

Reinforcements that were sent to The Crimea in a panic earlier are now hanging about unwanted, making the place look untidy and lowering property values.

Melitopol - Mud, fear and pathetically slow troops has meant that sod-all has happened near Melitopol. For now...

Zaporozh'e - The Germans stand impassive as the plodding Red Army oozes up to their lines, turning a decent Rumanian cavalry unit into horse-meat kebabs on the way (from memory they got whacked by some rather accurate artillery fire and I couldn't see the point in spending 2T to advance into the now slightly sticky ground).

[NB - Red numbered counters shows Russian wagons/trucks, the German flag counters the foremost trace supply hex for the Axis in that sector.]

Somewhere in the Ukraine - Bolstered by the presence of amazingly mediocre tanks and backed by the fearless 255th Rifle Division (what a sad bunch) in reserve the Airborne Corps boldly moons the stoic Germans and their massed Flak troops.

Can STAVKA prod the reluctant Russian rabble into a rousing rapid raid on the Axis? Will I be censured for callous use of unnecessary alliteration? Tune in again for the next update!

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Comment by Stephen G on June 17, 2010 at 5:25am
You need to clip those counters..all 4000 of them.

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