'Comrade General, they're not in fact chasing us...' (OCS CB/EatG mini-AAR)

The Russian strategy was simple - run squealing like a little girl as fast and as far East as they could. Hold Kharkov as long as possible and stuff a bunch of ignorant workers into every urban centre in sight to throw themselves in front of the juggernaut while the real soldiers escaped with all the dignity they could muster.

But then a funny thing happened; the Germans didn't appear to be pursuing. In fact, by mid-October 1941 their offensive appeared to be coming... unglued. Then the Russians discovered they had piles of 76mm and 122mm artillery ammo they couldn't be bothered carting East. There must be a better use for it...

Images are from the end of the [?] October 1941 turn where the Russians went second. Apologies for the poor quality, I was using a device normally intended for telecommunications, not immortalizing history.

Kharkov - Oh for a double-turn now... Actually there isn't a lot of depth in the Soviet forces, but that Axis line is looking like a meringue at the moment.

Dnepropetovsk - The mighty Red Army seizes its chance to start wailing on the running-dog lackeys of Fascism. Even if they are smaller and funnier-looking. Hey, that's all the reason we need.

Crimea - Sorting out the breach torn in what I laughingly refer to as the Perekop Fortified Zone.

[IRL the battle for the isthmus lasted 5 days from 24 September - not this time. No sir.]

Melitopol - After abandoning Melitopol with unseemly haste some time earlier, the Red Army cautiously creeps back, pausing every now and then to prick their ears and sniff the breeze... could it be a trap? Surely he's not relying on the Rumanians to hold the front?

Zaporozh'e - The Germans stood idly by while the brave workers of Zaporozh'e ran out of turnips and faded away before they ambled in. One of the Russian divisions pictured nobly escaped the noose at the last moment and left the town's proletariat to their fate. But now he's back, and he has friends. Crappy friends, true, but there's more behind them. With BT-7s! Wheee!

Somewhere in the Ukraine - Who needs transport planes when you can march like these guys? Yes, that's the Airborne-sans-Parachutes Division, after marching from the top corner, around the back of Kharkov, across the Donets, and off to... well, middle of nowhere really. But they're keen, and I like that in a faceless drone. Especially when they're as terribly outmatched as these guys.

What will happen to the glorious Red Army? Are they being set up for a sucker-punch before being given a right-royal panzer-truppen wedgie? Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!

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