'Comrade General, we know which end the bullets come of of now!' (OCS CB/EatG mini-AAR)

By the start of November 1941 the glorious freedom-loving volunteer heroes of the People's Red Army are getting into the swing of things, aided by inspired leadership from the rear by their beloved Commissars.

And the VVS has discovered that the funny bulbous things on the wings of their planes will make happy little explosions amongst the Germans if dropped on them from a great height.

Kharkov - Where did all my tanks go? Never mind, we seem to have the Germans in what their propaganda apparatus is probably calling 'a positive retrograde action' right now. And Axis mechanized forces finally appear, albeit in a purely defensive role.

Dnepropetrovsk - The fun and games have no let-up on the Dnepr. Believe it or not, those guys skulking around the German rear are actually in supply, probably by virtue of looting everything in sight from the undoubtedly alarmed rear echelon troops, who seem to have legged it (there's actually a Russian HQ just out of frame in the bottom right who has 'bridged' the river).

The intrepid Airborne Corps, now egged on by a nearby NKVD combat division, is making a nuisance of themselves in the Italian left. The rest of this sector is looking pretty cheesy, but by this point it doesn't seem to matter - Axis forces here now face considerable supply difficulties.

Crimea - Following more eye-wateringly accurate artillery bombardment and unashamedly clumsy yet effective Soviet assault tactics, things in the Crimea have taken a turn for the worse for the Axis. That poor little Romanian cavalry unit won't stop much, and the now-worried German 75th Infantry Division is wishing they'd spent a bit more time paying attention to their training and morale.

Note the presence of a brigade from the 2nd Airborne - a few weeks ago these guys were counting goats somewhere out near Gul'kevichi, but like their comrades in the 1st Airborne, they have put aside such pleasant diversions to answer the call to hurl the filthy Fascists from the Rodina! At least that is what their political officer is saying. I think they miss the goats.

Melitopol - The Romanians are not having a good time, and some are probably wondering if maybe they should have just let the Russians keep Basarabia. I may be low on supply here, but it's worse for the other guy... and a lot of his troops will need fuel to move fast, mine seem to run on rutabagas.

Zaporozh'e - So that's where my tanks are. Or is this another bunch? Probably. Underneath the 1T supply counter is a Cossack unit, currently rifling through the personal effects of the Romanian HQ they've just violently ridden through the middle of; now they run around all liquored up on tzuica and taking photos of each other in Romanian parade uniforms with captured cameras, which is odd really because none of them actually know how to use a camera.

With only a German HQ to stand impotently by and watch as Russian mobile forces skip gaily through their rear, and with no reserves nearby, the 5+ German divisions now stuck in Zaprozh'e are starting to eyeball the Romanian artillery unit's horses in a worrying manner.

What now for our hapless Axis foes? Will they pull a miracle out of their nether and smite the over-confident Soviet with a well-timed backhand blow? Or will they fold up like damp laundry and fade into the mists of history? Don't miss the next exciting installment!

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Comment by Stephen G on June 29, 2010 at 7:00am
I'm rooting for the Hun...

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