Conflict of heroes is a squad level light tactical game. It seems more focused on small firefights of less than company size.

So, I’m going to do a comprehensive review of it after some honest play time.

Have you ever opened a game-box and expected at best the norm? As a cardboard warrior as I, I have come to expect the usual deflating letdown after opening a game box. But with Conflict of heroes that was NOT the case. First glance was a “wow” moment for me. We have mounted boards for one, which actually lie flat and have top notch graphics, a good feel to them, and they’re solid and join other boards quite nicely. Then the counters are even better, they’re one inch counters that are quite thick (twice as thick as MMP’s ASL counters) with some of the nicest counter art in the business. The box is moderately sturdy (not as sturdy as GMT’s new deep boxes) and the rules and scenario booklets are high quality. The only downside is the cards that are a tad thin and on the cheap side, however they appear not to get the use that CDG cards do. This has got to be the best quality game of this type I have ever seen.

What remains now is a simple question time will answer. What does it play like? So far delving into the rules I see a new system that has merit. It’s unlike any I have ever seen and is well designed. The system is in its infancy and has a lot to offer. Abstract is the basis for this light tactical game, but its underlying system is genius as to how combat is modeled between infantry and armored alike.
I sure hope this one plays well.

Time will tell.

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Comment by Roger Morley on October 15, 2010 at 1:47am
Look forward to your review Brian.
Comment by Eric Walters on October 14, 2010 at 10:22am
Whether you will like the gameplay or not depends on what you want out of a tactical wargame. CONFLICT OF HEROES has both ardent fans and insistent detractors. The pluses to the system are simplicity of rules, a very high degree of interactivity coupled with difficult decisions, and nail-biting tension. You've already covered the excellent physical production--probably the highest of any tactical ground game out there. The negatives are the scale of the actions (they are all relatively small) and the "generic-ness" of them when compared to other games like ADVANCED TOBRUK SYSTEM and ADVANCED SQUAD LEADER STARTER KIT. It's really all a matter of taste. Were I to introduce new players into wargaming or 20th Century tactical ground gaming, this is the game to start them on. No question for me.

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