Continuing Monster Game-Three Days of Gettysburg (GMT)

Having concluded day 1 of the battle yesterday with sorry performance by Howard's XI Corps and two brigades of Pender's division flanking the Iron Brigade, my small wargaming group on Staten Island decided to reset for next Tuesday. Union staff reinforcements have been called in and the hope is that with fresh blood a better defense can be mustered. There will be occasional news here in the future as to how things are going.

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Comment by Robert LoCicero on May 26, 2010 at 9:42pm
Continuation of 1500hrs turn
Early up now. Hays rallies regiment with General Early’s assistance. Gordon rifle volleys drive back 25 OH, it losing a step and flipping. 107 OH also flips on rifle volley but makes its “2” morale check and retreats before shock. Avery’s 21 NC rifle duels with Ames’ 133 PA in the woods with 21 NC getting the worst of it, losing a step.
Pender AM is drawn. Garnett artillery with Lane opens up taking 1 step and flipping Paul’s 94 NY with return fire flipping the covering 7 NC regiment. The other gun with Lane goes ammo deplete and its covering 28 NC regiment loses a step for no offensive results. Another Garnett gun moves up under 45 GA facing the Iron Brigade on the Hagerstown Rd. Scales manages to rally a regiment. The remainder of McIntosh’s guns move up while several of his guns adjacent to Union troops remain ammo depleted. The Albermarle gun battery flips 84 NY and takes a step from it but return fire disorders the gun. Poague’s Madison battery moves under 34 NC of Perrin in the farmhouse facing 84 NY. General Pender moves up for possible future rally attempts.
Buford is next. Gamble and Devin just sit.
Early’s third AM is drawn. They pass with an ammo deplete on 6NC and Jones’ artillery moving up with one battery adjacent to Rock Creek and the others east of Harrisburg Rd behind Hays’ brigade.
Robinson up next. Rowley rallies units under breastwork. Baxter moves 5 regiments south to the right of Paul’s entrenchments in the orchards/woods facing Pender.
Heth AM now. He does nothing with some minor regrouping. The Leesburg battery fires and flips the lone Iron Brigade regiment on this flank but flips itself with ammo deplete.
Heth again. His disrupted gun batteries rally but nothing else occurs.
Barlow AM is drawn. Barlow moves his Ohio regiments on the Union right flank back south on Harrisburg Rd towards Gettysburg. Generals Barlow and Ames fail to rally one of their regiments.
CSA March chit. Lanes’ artillery of Anderson’s division enters at entry #2 and moves east on Chambersburg Pike and then veers northeast towards Oak Hill area.
Stuart’s third AM. 1st MD cavalry crosses Rock Creek at Blocher’s Knoll while the VA cavalry sits in the woods eastside of the creek.
Schurz up next. He rallies the covering infantry on top of TB gun opposite Iverson and moves the other gun to the extreme Union left flank on the primary defensive line.
von Steinwehr AM drawn. He moves units around on his secondary line backing up the primary Union line.
Rodes up now. Some men rally and Doles goes into action against a Rowley unit which successfully retreats before shock. Units of ONeal push back 157 NY inflicting major losses but flipping in return. Iverson also rallies some men and rifle fire takes a step off the Schurz/Kraznoski stack sitting on the gun. Iverson shocks the right flank of Schurz with 11 MS rifle fire flipping 82 OH. This unit of Stone’s fails it’s retreat roll before shock and routs off the board. The other union unit is face up and successfully retreats before shock moving to the breastwork. Iverson advances with 11 MS and 2 NC, both face up.
Pender’s 4th AM. Rally time with one success but 49GA of Thomas adjacent to the Donaldsville artillery unit fails rally with a double and loses a step. The Albermarle artillery rallies but 14GA fails to rally with Thomas assisting.
Doubleday chit next. Rowley and Stone rally some regiments, the others sit.
Schurz’s 4th AM. He also rallies some regiments with no other actions.
Barlow’s 3rd. He successfully extricates 25OH and 107OH from right flank with 107OH in extended line on Hunterstown Rd near Schaeffer’s run.
Rodes chit next. Dole advances but never gets to shock as the offensive rifle fire is ineffective against Stone but 4GA and 46GA flip under return fire. The general moves up behind and sits. ONeal shocks with 5AL scouts and regular 5AL. The targeted Union regiment fails its morale roll and routes off the map. The rebels advance and destroy the breastworks. Carter’s gun ammo depletes and loses a step in counterbattery fire. 26AL rallies but the other CSA regiments fails to rally and collapses upon rolling double morale, thus losing a step. Iverson repositions some regiments and attempts to break 26WS and the TB gun with rifle volley but it is ineffective and there is no shock attack. Ramseur positions himself for rally next turn.
Barlow is next. He moves units on his flank away from Early’s division.
Wadsworth chit up now. The general assists in rallying his two guns, one on his right and the other facing Thomas’ brigade.
Buford AM up. He moves Devin and Gamble east on Chambersburg Pike. McPherson woods is now vacant.
von Steinwehr up now. He rallies one regiment with O. Smith making minor moves around Blocher’s Knoll.
von Steinwehr again. Another rally attempt, this one fails.
last chit is Buford. He mounts up and moves east, incurring a fatigue level.
Corp commanders move with Early’s division out of command for next turn. The Leesburg and Fredericksburg batteries are out of command as are the brigades of Davis and Paul (for the Union). 1500 turn ends and it has been frustrating for the CSA.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on April 28, 2010 at 9:04am
1500 Turn. CSA gets initiative and moves Pender’s Division first. Lane’s brigade, in advance, sees 37 NC and 28 NC regiments move over the ridge and face Paul entrenching on Seminary Ridge. Those two regiments extend line. The other regiments of Lane pile up in crossing the Willoughby Run. Artillery batteries of Garnett move up with Huger’s three sections behind Lane and the other three batteries up to the ridge line. With regiments from Thomas moving over McPherson Ridge, Wainwright’s TB gun on the Union left flank rotates and misses with canister shot at two hexes. Scales, in attack, prepares multi-hex shock against 56 PA but they retreat before shock. Rifle exchange between Perrin’s 11 SC and the 84 NY is ineffective.
Two Stuart AMs follow back to back. 17 VA cavalry enters the map and moves south behind Avery’s brigade. 1 MD, sitting one hex off 54 NY on Barlow’s flank, misses a mounted carbine shot, with ineffective return fire. They both sit out next AM.
Robinson AM is drawn. Lucky Paul gets to bring up his Seminary Ridge entrenchments before Lane can attack. Baxter takes reserve position behind the Lutheran Seminary.
Schurz is next. He rallies Schemmelfennig’s disordered 13 PA and a gun battery also rallies. Some minor moves along the line and then the attached artillery battery hammers 5 NC west of Newville Road which flips as General Rodes is no help in morale check.
Union March AM. One regiment continues road movement through Gettysburg.
Wadsworth up next. Iron Brigade moves away from CSA left flank vacating breastworks with 2 WI, 6 and 7 WI all relocating. The later two move south to Hagerstown Rd on Union left flank. The remaining Iron Brigade regiment on the right flank rifle volleys 1 TN and they collapse with another lost step and an auto disorder retreating two hexes. A Wainwright gun joins 7 WI and the other TB rallies on the other side. A TB opens up at two hexes against 22 NC but they make their morale roll and miss on return fire.
von Steinwehr is next. With no movements for him, three more entrenchments go up. This now totals 49 breastworks for the Union north and west of Gettysburg. A record.
Heth AM next. Pee Dee artillery battery rallies. Other Pegram batteries flip the TB gun in front of Union Iron Brigade. Archer sits on the CSA left flank, adjacent to Brockenbrough and both brigades do nothing. They hope to rally weak morale disrupted units at turn end by being ineffective for the entire turn. Pettigrew advances 47 and 11 NC under the McPherson ridgeline facing 8 NY in the woods above.
Doubleday next. Rowley moves himself around and positions for rally attempt. General Stone makes minor moves back with some of his regiments.
CSA Pender AM up now. Thomas’ 45 GA is facing Union 6 and 7th WI. Commander moves with 35 GA adjacent to them and meets canister blast taking steps and disorderd. He finishes his movement by moving back one hex and out of gun line of sight. Lane in advance closes to within one hex of Paul’s Seminary Ridge line. Scales and his 14 SC moves against 56 PA for shock but the union retreats before shock and Scales now stares at a lone Napoleon on the ridge. He choses to sit. Garnett moves to the front to aid in rally attempts. Perrin’s regiments fire at 84 NY in orchard but ammo depletes three units for the effort. Return fire is devastating taking 2 rebel steps and forcing a regiment back off its supporting guns. Perrin stares in disbelief at the Union gun on the ridge.
Its Early’s turn on the CSA extreme left flank. With Gordon on the attack we witness two Union regiments failing rolls for retreat before shock (they were flipped to begin with) with Ames’ 17 CT taking a step and failing a roll resulting in routing off the board. Barlow’s 107 OH on extreme Union right flank survives Gordon rifle fire. 6 NC of Avery punishes a union regiment in the woods. Early makes some progress in his center.
Good timing. Barlow AM up now. Ames withdraws regiments from Rock Creek area. 68 NY, flipped on retreat before, moves to Blochers Knoll while a similarly flipped 25 OH sits in front of Gordon west of Hunterstown Rd.
Buford AM next. Devin moves two cavalry regiments back to entrenchments on McPherson Ridge. The three cavalry generals move around and rally two regiments. 8 NY attempts withdrawal move in front of Pettigrew’s 11 NC and takes a step.
Schurz next. Artillery canister flips 21 NC on the CSA line but return fire takes a step off the covering Union infantry. No other fire, some minor moves.
Wadsworth next. Lone TB limbers up and moves east on Chambersburg Pike. The firs Union breastworks line facing Archer and Brockenbrough is empty. On the other side TB gun flips 22 NC taking a step and causing morale check for 13 NC beneath it, which fails its roll. Return fire is effective in taking a step off the gun’s covering infantry (Cutler). Cutler moves around for rally next AM. Other TB gun goes ammo deplete and flips facing Thomas.
Heth AM up now. 26 NC pursues 8 NY troopers and blasts two steps off them collapsing the unit. The CSA regiment advances. Pettigrew moves all his regiments east over the Willoughby Run. Davis manages to get one regiment east over the run but two remain on the west side. Other brigades remain inactive.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on April 20, 2010 at 9:31pm
Concluding the 1400 turn.

Continuation of the same 1400 turn
The 150th PA took a one hex retreat upon that second disorder and settled behind the frontline with General Schurz on top. Probably in position for rally attempt next turn.
Next AM is Barlow and he takes a pass.
Up now is Pender AM. Poague and McIntosh artillery exchange with Wadsworth’s guns on the Union left flank are ineffective. Scales and Perrin successfully change orders to attack with Scales moving east on Hagerstown Rd to shock attack 56th PA. The bucktails retreat before shock and General Scales leads his men in advancing onto the vacant road.
Perrin crosses Willoughby Run and survives canister fire from a rotated union artillery battery in that move. Rifle fire from Scales and from Perrin’s 14th South Carolina each hit 95th New York and second disorder forces retreat from the farm to his breastwork. No advance for the 14th SC as they would be out of command for next turn. Perrin’s 12th SC charges 84th NY and gets torn up for its trouble, losing 4 steps, retreating and collapsing in volleys of union rifle fire. 7th SC manages to flip Devin’s 9th NY cavalry with rifle fire and it manages to retreat before shock on a “3” morale roll. Amazing. Perrin has four good order regiments left and both him and Scales are at fatigue level OK.
Doubleday up next and takes a pass.
Wadsworth AM next. The Iron Brigade does nothing while failing a rally attempt and the TB artillery missing its fire. 56th PA on the Union left flank fires and takes a step off Scales’ 36th NC while the 4th NY also takes a step in fire against 14th NC but flips in the
CSA return fire.
Robinson AM is next. Breastwork construction starting on Seminary Ridge, Union left flank. Cutler sits in a breastworks already constructed and in position for rally.
Wadsworth up now. A heavy volley from Iron Brigade regiment slams into Archer’s 7 TN and they lose 2 steps and flip. Their return fire flips that regiment in its breastwork.
Wainwright’s TB battery takes a step from 14 TN with canister but loses a gun and flips in return fire. Two regiments rally with the help of a previously positioned Cutler.
Ah, Rodes first AM. Finally. Heavy artillery fire from Carter’s batteries take 2 steps from a Rowley regiment in the breastworks and take another 2 steps with a flip from a second regiment. But 4 of 6 guns ammo deplete! Ramseur fails to order attack, crosses Rock Creek on CSA left flank. Daniels brigade moves up behind Iverson, whose is on the front line with Dole similarly backing up ONeal on the CSA right flank. With a Stuart AM drawn next, the 1st MD cavalry moves south and one hex west of Harrisburg Road looking at Barlow’s regiments.
Union Schurz draws chit. Schemmelfennig successfully rallies 74 PA but 64 PA doubles its rally roll and loses one step. The second echelon moves forward.
Rodes second AM. Dole goes into attack orders with 12 GA which flips the 121 PA with rifle volley but is flipped in return fire and loses 2 steps. The 44 GA prepares to shock but the PA unit successfully retreats before shock. Rowley’s 151 PA gets battered with rifle volley, losing 3 steps and is disordered in successive volleys. Dole prepares to shock but again a Union regiment successfully retreats before shock; the 121 PA and 80 NY are disrupted but live to fight another day. ONeal manages to rally some of Carter’s batteries but ONeal’s regiments exchange fire and two of them are flipped in return fire. No effects on the Union targets.
Up comes von Steinwehr AM. His brigade goes into the construction business just north of Gettysburg astride the Carlisle Road.
Wadsworth draws next. He rallies one of his flipped artillery batteries while Cutler’s 56 PA decimates 38 NC with fire that takes three steps, collapsing it and retreating 2 hexes. General Scales bails off after failing to help the regiment. 14 NC is rifle volleyed but both sides shoot ineffectively. Meredith’s brigade sits.
Doubleday is up next and passes.
Early draws his 2nd AM. Gordon goes into attack on CSA left flank running against Ames’ 107 Ohio but terrain limits move to one hex away from Union. Hays moves up on Gordon’s right while Smith backs up Avery who moves in attack towards Barlow along the Harrisburg Road. Jones’ artillery battalion moves south two hexes behind Avery and Smith on the dirt road.
Wadsworth chit next. Archer’s 11th Al survives TB canister fire and his return fire knocks out a gun but becomes ammo depleted for the effort. Wadsworth makes some minor brigade position adjustments and has Wainwright move the other gun under breastwork protection on the Union left flank. We have Gamble’s troopers in the woods together with breastworks of the Iron Brigade on their right and Cutler’s men on their left.
Another Rodes AM. Carter rallies the rest of his guns and moves Morris and Jeff Davis batteries off the hills and behind Daniels. ONeal canister shot no effect against Stone’s entrenched line. Dole takes OK fatigue with 44 GA taking a step from a previously disordered 80 NY; but there is no shock attack.
Last chit is a Pender AM. He successfully rallies two regiments. In commander move AP Hill moves up putting all his divisions in command except Perrin. Heth gets Pettigrew and Pegram in command but Archer and Brockenbrough are not, as the leftmost artillery batteries of Pegram are also out of command. This long hour ends.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on April 12, 2010 at 8:45pm
The 1400 turn is a long one and ran into two blog entries. Concluding AM picks will be reported later.

1400 turn CSA gets the initiative and AM pick is Heth division. As General Lee is on map and in command with his Corps commander, AP Hill, he gives his boost to Heth’s division as Pender already has a +1 for his divisional command. Davis’s brigade is reorganized following ineffective artillery fire by Pegram with the Union making its morale checks. The targets were Union artillery and infantry on the Chambersburg flank.
Davis moves up in attack and his rifle fire is ineffective, no damage from Union return fire. One of the “green” regiments extends his line. General Heth moves up into the front with Pettigrew’s units following closely in attack and they wing a Gamble trooper taking a step and forcing him back into the woods. Brockenbrough’s collapsed unit moves back to the junction on Herr’s Ridge. The other brigade units move to the banks of the run. Archer’s units take the left flank of the CSA in advance one hex off the Union, one regiment surviving a canister artillery shot at close range.
Next AM drawn is Robinson. Robinson moved around a couple of units and finished a second string of entrenchments astride the Mummasburg Road.
Next AM is another Robinson, who takes a pass.
Buford AM follows. Devin’s brigade crosses the run heading east into the woods on the Union right. Gamble repositions one of the troopers and moves General Buford to one of Gamble’s front regiments.
Doubleday AM is next. He is facing Rodes with Rowley’s brigade against ONeal and Stone is facing Iverson in the center at the road junction. Rowley rallies some troops and Stone does nothing as his brigade is out of command.
CSA march AM next. Lane and Thomas of Pender’s division fail to change orders with Lane going into loose cannon, standing his ground and Thomas not changing and standing on last orders. Garnett’s artillery moves up on Hagerstown-Fairfield Road facing Cutler’s brigade after crossing the run, sheltered by ridge edge.
Barlow AM next. Ames’ brigade is in extended line out on extreme Union right flank on Hunterstown Road at the marsh lowlands of Shealer’s Run. Gilsa remains around the knoll near Rock Creek.
Robinson’s AM is next. Baxter completes entrenchments astride Mummasburg Road and moves south toward unfinished railroad.
Heth AM next. Archer crosses over the run and rifle fires against Iron Brigade and TB artillery on McPherson Ridge. Return fire flips 1st Tennessee and a step taken from 14th Tennessee while 7th Tennessee under that regiment makes its morale check. Pettigrew does nothing, failing rally rolls in which Heth was encouraged to assist in but failed to arrive. Davis also misses a rally and moves regiments over the Willoughby Run into farmhouse west of ridgeline (McPherson) on Union left flank north of Hagerstown Rd.
von Steinwher draws next AM. Smith moves in front of Carlisle Road breastworks, north of Gettysburg. Costa moves behind Rowley and Stone in the second level of entrenchments. Amazingly, Union has three levels of breastworks in front of the town.
Pender AM is next. Perrin’s brigade advances on Wainwright’s artillery battery on Union left flank and is greeted by canister rounds, losing two steps from 1st South Carolina. Perrin advances on top of that unit and Pender advances with 14th South Carolina to the run where the middle road crosses it eastbound. Poague’s artillery moves in behind Perrin. McIntosh artillery opens up at long range to no effect. Scales, in advance also, moves up to Union line one hex away on the Hagerstown Road.
Heth AM up next. Heath and Davis combine to rally a “green” regiment. Pettigrew makes his rally and moves 11th North Carolina across the run into the lee of McPherson Ridge. Pegram’s artillery exchanges fire with the Union I Corps TB and is flipped for its effort.
Buford’s cavalry AM next. Gamble continues his move east towards Iron Brigade and Devin straight back to McPherson woods.
Barlow AM next sees Gilsa swing to Union right covering advancing rebel cavalry astride Rock Creek near Harrisburg Road. Ames is on the other side way down Hunterstown Road to the left of the Gettysburg Hanover Railroad.
von Steinwher AM is up next. He passes.
Pender draws next AM. Perrin fails to change orders to attack as Scales also fails to change orders. Poague artillery shots are ineffective with McIntosh moving around on the high ground he is holding.
Heth draws next chit. Pettigrew moves within command range of Heth while Archer and Brockenbrough do nothing. Crenshaw battery fails to rally and loses a gun on a roll of “9” at the run while Pegram’s other two batteries move as close as possible on left flank near Bender’s run.
Stuart cavalry AM is next. 1st Maryland moves south off Harrisburg Road and to within one hex of Gilsa’s regiment.
Schurz draws next AM. Schurz Napoleon artillery at two hexes firing canister flips Iverson’s 5th North Carolina and takes one step from it. Return fire flips the covering 150th Pennsylvannia. Minor adjustments by Schurz’ regiments conclude their activation.
Early AM is drawn. Entering at entry 6 with Hays leading up Harrisburg Road. Avery next to Hays with Jones’ artillery behind him. General Early leading Smith on the right. Gordon breaks left towards Hunterstown Road.
Union march chit is next. One unit continues move towards Gettysburg.
Schurz AM up now. Artillery takes a step from and flips Iverson’s 12th North Carolina while return fire from the 12th North Carolina second disorders the covering 150th PA and takes a step from it.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on April 2, 2010 at 9:51pm
Union march concluding 1200 turn saw Howard’s 11th Corps, Schurz’s divison in lead, move through Gettysburg, go past Doubleday sitting just north of Gettysburg and end up near junction of Carlisle Road and Newville Road. Barlow’s division was a bit further back moving north into the southern Gettysburg environs.

1300 turn sees another Union initiative with Wadsworth the chosen AM. Wadsworth artillery on ridge opens up on Brockenbrough unit on Schoolhouse Ridge but is ineffective. He directs Cutler to send three brigades along McPherson ridge positioning with view of Hagerstown-Fairfield Road.
2nd chit drawn is another Union Wadsworth. The other artillery, a TB type, opens up on the same Brockenbrough unit and this time scores a hit, flipping the unit as it fails its morale check. Remainder of move sees Meredith’s brigade move a couple of regiments around to improve defensive posture.
3rd chit drawn is another (!) Union, Doubleday. Stone’s brigade starts breastworks facing ONeal northeast of Oak Hill with Rowley pulling back as defensive backstop to Stone’s 2nd brigade.
This is getting old, as Union pulls Robinson’s 2nd Division chit, for the fourth AM drawn.
Robinson has his brigades pull out of the breastworks in front of Gettysburg (leaving them for 11th Corps I can only assume) and moving toward the Seminary Ridge area, backing up the Iron Brigade along Chambersburg Pike. Paul’s brigade already entrenched earlier on Seminary Ridge moves southerly to occupy the orchards on the left flank.
Next AM is a Union Schurz chit and he moves 1st brigade forward to the road junction amongst the Doubleday entrenchments with the 2nd brigade backing that line up. It remains quite crowded there preparing to face off against Rhodes’s brigades.
Now CSA draws a Pender AM and as Scales had come out of march in Division orders change he advances east on Hagerstown Road while Perrin, also out of march, advances up behind McIntosh. The McIntosh artillery battalion moves through woods to high ground on right flank (with most of Pender’s brigades on his right on Hagerstown Road) facing Cutler’s blue bellies on western slope of McPherson. Some artillery lines of sight are blocked by hills interspersed between the armies.
Up comes a Buford AM and Gamble manages to extricate himself from close contact with Pettigrew troops through the woods successfully rallying 2 regiments. He sits with three regiments now safely away from CSA fire. Devin’s first fire knocks down a step from one of Davis’ “green” units (42 Mississippi) but second regiment fire against same unit misses a big chance to put a hurt on the Delta Boys. Rebel return fire misses.
Heth AM is drawn. Pegram’s artillery moves up with Archer leading the way and putting a good order line facing the Iron Brigade a few hundred yards east of CSA units. He is flanking the unfinished railroad and in front of Brockenbrough’s brigade who needs to sit this turn and reorganize his men. Pettigrew rallies some regiments, moves up two into the woods near Gamble’s men. On the right side Davis attempts to shock twice but was turned back as 6th New York Cavalry, even though disrupted, successfully made morale check when making a facing change to confront the rebels and with carbine fire drove back 2nd Mississippi. That unit is one of Davis’ better morale infantry (a 7). In addition the 55th North Carolina fails its “green preshock roll” and can not shock attack.
Robinson AM is next with Baxter making moves out of Carlisle Road breastworks north of Gettysburg into orchards near unfinished railroad and adjacent to Mummasburg Road. The other brigade, Paul, is as far south along Seminary as he can manage command.
Union march is next with 2nd Division of 11th Corps, von Steinwher, moving along Mummasburg Road from Gettysburg town, into backing position of Rowley in Oak Hill area. Barlow’s 1st Division splits his troops with Ames’ brigade heading northeast along York Pike and Gilsa along Harrisburg Road. It is noteworthy to mention here that the Union has been fatiguing his 11th Corps to get them in these supporting positions so quickly.
Buford is next AM drawn. Some decisions for Gamble with Pettigrew in striking position. Gamble, with Buford’s help, fails to rally one regiment but a small unit with Gamble does manage a rally. Devin tries a shot against 55 North Carolina but misses, then return fires flips the trooper. Devin moves a unit in advance into the orchard other side of Fox Run near Willoughby Run after failing to rally another unit.
Rhodes AM follows. Dole on left flank up the Carlisle Road with Ramseur on his left near the marsh. Ewell is on the road with Iverson and ONeal moving up adjacent to the 11th Corps lines in the center and approaching Rowley’s line on the right flank. Daniel’s brigade crosses over the road from the left flank and streams in behind ONeal for added punch. Carter battalion artillery fire from the northern hill against Rowley is ineffectual.
Pender is next with McIntosh artillery fire flips 6th Pennsylvania on Cutler’s left flank. Perrin moves up the road towards Willoughby Run but must move around one of Davis’ regiments blocking the road.
Heth AM is drawn. Archer stretches out to protect the left flank artillery near the unfinished railroad. Brockenbrough continues to sit out the turn. Pettigrew made an attack pushing back one trooper. Davis made a rally roll and a rifle attack pushing back Devin’s 17th Pennsylvania but return fire flips one of the Davis “green” regiments.
Doubleday is up next. His second line of defense is astride the Mummasburg Road and Stone is building entrenchments with some minor movements of other regiments as well.
Rhodes is next. Artillery moves closer under protection of ONeal infantry facing Stone.
Other long range artillery shot disrupts 121st PA on top of hill which had backed out of breastwork. Dole moves behind Daniel on Carlisle Road behind ONeal and Iverson.
Schurz AM is drawn. Schurz fills in astride the Carlisle Newville Road facing Rhodes.
Barlow is next. His brigades fill in along the right flank in Rock Creek area as far as the Hunterstown Road.
Buford AM comes up now. All his six regiments are up and rallied with one of them pulled back from Chambersburg Pike away from danger.
Robinson AM and no move to avoid fatigue.
Doubleday’s third chit sees a rally attempt and nothing else.
Wadsworth AM sees the 6th PA rally. This puts most of Union soldiers in good order for next turn.
Final draw is a 4th Buford. Some fatigue for these troopers as they retreat across the Willoughby Run with Gamble on Union right flank but Devin in woods on west side of the Run in front of McPherson Ridge. He is facing Pender artillery. Buford’s boys are now all in “0” fatigue level. That concludes the turn.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on April 1, 2010 at 8:47am
Aftermath 1200 turn.
A very bloody hour. My Union opponent totaled up the steps lost and at the approximation of one step=50 men, he calculated 20 steps lost is 500 men. These are killed, wounded and scattered. If you add the several regiments routed off the board it probably takes it up to 600 men. At 60 minutes in the hour, we have an average of 10 casualties per minute. Does anyone out there have information on compatible battlefield casualty statistics? How does this simulation match up with others?
Comment by Robert LoCicero on March 30, 2010 at 8:41pm
A final note on 1100 turn. Union March move (the last chit pulled) concluded with I Corps Wadsworth Division coming out of March order and advancing down Chambersburg Pike. Iron Brigade led by Meredith astride the Pike on McPherson Ridge with 24 Michigan on left flank at unfinished Railroad. Cutler is positioning on the ridge in a southernly disposition. Two available artillery batteries position in front of union soldiers on western slope of ridge.

1200 finds another Union initiative with Buford chosen to start the turn. Some minor moves to adjust his line on Herr Ridge road sitting one hex off the CSA. A Gamble regiment fires on Archer regiment on left flank disordering the rebel but return fire disorders the trooper. Another regiment fires to no effect in either direction. Devin's brigade sits tight and does nothing.
A Buford chit comes up again and Gamble presses home fire on a Pettigrew regiment which flips and takes one step of casualty. The bottom unit fails its moral die roll and as it was already disordered it loses a step and retreats back two to Heth. Both return fires are ineffective. Another breechloader carbine blast from one hex disorders Archer's 7 Tennessee and a third trooper volley blasts it back two hexes with two casualties. Looks like Buford's division might be earning some medals of honor.
With next chit a Wadsworth, breastwork construction appears on the right flank of McPherson Ridge as Meredith gets busy. Also Cutler seems to be building breastworks on the other flank as well.
What Union luck. Another Wadsworth chit is drawn and now the entrenchments are ready. Amazing.
Heth chit is picked. In attempting to clear line of sight for CSA artillery near Chambersburg Pike, Archer's 5th Alabama attempts withdrawal and in its disordered state is crushed by trooper fire taking three casualties and being eliminated. Another flank unit is successful in withdrawing opening a line of fire for cannons. Archer is down to 4 regiments but along with Heth's help they manage to rally their men. Davis's brigade attacks Devin on the left flank but the Union manages to retreat before shock. On other side Brockenbrough advances one regiment down east slope missing with long range rifle shot against Deven trooper in Gamble's area. Brockenbrough sends 3 regiments into shock against Gamble trooper who retreats before shock displacing the Deven trooper who fails his UDD and flips.
Union pulls Robinson chit who starts breastworks astride Carlisle Road with other brigade on Seminary Ridge. They also start breastworks. Robinson's division had been well positioned start of this turn after last turn's march chit and within range of General Reynolds to go into advance and have some units in their proper place for entrenching. The Union strategy is building as many breastworks in concentric circles as possible.
Unbelievable. Another back to back Robinson pull allows breastworks to be completed in Oak Hill vicinity and Seminary Ridge.
Rhodes Division is drawn and entry is on #4 along Newville Road. The brigades of Iverson and ONeal drive up the road in advance while Carter's artillery battalion sends two batteries up the hill on the right with the other behind ONeal.
3rd Robinson chit sees that division do nothing so as to not incur fatigue.
CSA march chit next with Poague's and Garnett's artillery battalions entering at #2. Garnett hustles after Scales, Thomas and Lane all the way on the right flank while Poague chugs up behind Perrin. All the Pender infantry continues to move east on their parallel roads.
Buford's third chit sees him rally (with Gamble) one of Gamble's two rallies. OK fatigue marker is taken as Gamble opens up on Brockenbrough regiment with ineffective fire. However, the return fire is devastating and the casualty taken collapses the Union regiment.
Buford has a fourth chit and two regiments incur fatigue with shots against Brockenbrough's 47 Va which takes casualties and disorders than retreats. The other VA regiments hang tough.
Last Union chit is Wadsworth standing proud with the Iron Brigade on McPherson Ridge.
Last CSA chit is Heth. Brockenbrough gets mounts a good shock attack on Gamble's weakened regiment which routs under the pressure reaction fire from breechloaders cause 2 casualties on one regiment and then the automatic disorder after shock results in a third casualty and a collapsed regiment. Some intense pressure by Pettigrew in woods fighting sees Gamble's men intermingled with rebels and additional casualties incurred on both sides. There are problems for the Union troopers as retreat routes look blocked for next turn.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on March 19, 2010 at 11:38am
1100 sees the Union capture the initiative with Buford's division getting the first move. We see troopers make some minor moves to better man their breastwork defenses but no agressive action. A staggered line of breastworks dot the east side of Herr's Ridge. Buford draws another consecutive AM and his horse artillery positioned on Chambersburg Pike on high ground east of Belmont Schoolhouse shells Pettigrew's 11 North Carolina regiment and that big 12 factor unit disorders. With Union luck continuing the third AM is another Buford chit and an artillery duel ensues with CSA counterbattery fire from Belmont Schoolhouse Ridge disordering the Gamble trooper covering 2nd Horse Artillery. But Gamble manages to bring up that trooper with an effective rally roll. Another disordered trooper has no leadership help and fails to rally. No other Union activity.
Union pressure continues with Doubleday AM up next. As the Union had used division orders change prior to first initiative AM selection to take his Doubleday division out of march and into advance along the Mummasburg Road he makes further progress north moving some units to the right of Oak Hill. Finally the CSA draws a rebel chit, march. General Pender comes on at entry #2 and speeds Scale's, Lane's and Thomas' brigades in a generally southernly direction heading on the road towards Hagerstown-Fairfield Road. McIntosh's artillery battalion breaks east from the southern road and heads east towards the road junction on Herr's Ridge. Perrin's brigade is further back with the ability to head east and follow McIntosh.
Next AM is a Doubleday pull with Rowley and Stone brigades starting breastworks in the Oak Hill area. With Heath's division AM drawn the Fredericksburg battery of Pegram disorders the trooper in the breastworks blocking the road at Schoolhouse. Brockenbrough successfuly orders an attack up on that position. Flanking rifle fire enfilades the trooper to no effect but a large shock attack stuns the Union and with failed retreat before shock UDD the unit routes off the board. Archer and Pettigrew have brigades all in attack and move up against Union troopers for shock but several union positions successfully retreat before shock and separate one hex back. Now again the Heth AM is drawn and Archer and Pettigrew press the attack once again. With the CSA looking for a +1 Charge modifier in their shock attacks Archer finds one of his Union targets again retreating before shock. However, earlier success this activation with engagement by artillery against 2nd Horse now ensconced under troopers on the ridge road at the Frederick Herr home presents an opportunity for Archer. The opening shot had disordered the horse artillery and with a shock attack by the two Tennessee regiments imminent the Union chooses discretion before valor and retreats abandoning the gun which is eliminated (it is spiked). A repositioned Gamble and dug in troopers repels shock attack by Pettigrew's disordered 11 North Carolina regiment incurring heavey casualties on that unit (3 steps). Those carbines at one hex are +3 on fire table and volleys from behind breastworks are something to behold. CSA leaders reposition for command purposes during the tail end of this Heath move.
Next to last chit is Buford with some troopers taking withdrawal fire, successfully making their UDD rolls and with a successful rally roll helping to bring up the division to full potency. Devin's brigade sits tight in their breastwork positions. Last chit is the Union March with Robinson's division continuing its move through Gettysburg and far down the road XI Corps starts its march from entry hex #11. CSA has A.P. Hill move for command position next turn leaving some of Pegram's artillery batteries out of command on the left flank.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on March 12, 2010 at 11:57am
1000 opens with the CSA again getting the initiative, pulling a Heth AM. Lone artillery battery with LOS takes an ineffective shot and counterbattery misses. Brockenbrough's unit moves up the right flank now at Belmont Schoolhouse Ridge. Union troopers have moved east previously. Archer moves closer through wooded area with no contact or exchanges with Buford. Pettigrew moves up in advance order to within one hex of the Union troopers. Davis needs to roll for orders change and succeeds achieving advance from previous attack orders. Bad news is that he stands this activation.
Most of this hour is Buford's as he draws three AMs in a row, building entrenchments in most trooper locations.
TThis course of events denies Archer's brigade a strike at nearby troopers and command ineffectiveness is exhibited as his regiment on the right flank again fails to rally. Does Archer really have to ride over there and assist them?
With turn wound down Corps Commander A.P. Hill arrives and confers with Heth. Confederat units make final moves with artillery on road top of Schoolhouse Ridge, Brockenbrough in close array there as well. Archer's brigade does change over to attack and moves closer to Union but can not shock this turn. Everybody else is within one hex of entrenched Union troopers. Smart play by Union in moving back forced Archer to hold advance orders early in turn as attack would have been too slow in pursuit. Lucky chit pulls led to breastwork construction that makes Union quite formidable at this time.
Comment by Robert LoCicero on March 10, 2010 at 8:11pm
0900 opens with another CSA initiative and again a March chit is chosen. Good timing with Davis facing troopers ready to open up on him. Davis' brigade rolls change to attack though weak as they are morale-wise that probably is a poor choice. Pettigrew and Brockenbrough change over to advance orders. A good opportunity presents itself now with back to back Heth chits being picked. Excitement quickly turns to gloom as Archer is unable to change orders to attack and is forced to stand in his position downslope of Herr's Ridge in the wooded glen. To make matters worse the first casualty of the battle occurs now with 1 Tennessee rolling a "9" on rally and taking one step. Davis extends his line up to the crossroads on the ridge and Pettigrew's regiments support Davis on the left flank. Brockenbrough continues to hold the unfinished railroad and position for a flanking move around Union breastworks on Belmont Schoolhouse Ridge. The second Heth chit sees no change in Archer's orders as he again fails to make the roll to attack. In addition with only two batteries on Wisler's Ridge having an LOS to Union 2nd Horse Artillery the rebs keep up the fire but disorder a battery with an ammo deplete. Union counterbattery is ineffective. CSA fire fails to scare those morale 9 artillerists.
The Union chit is March and now Doubleday moves in behind Wardsworth. Robinson follows futher down the road. Buford's chit up next with Devin moving past McPherson's Ridge and crossing Willoughby's Run. He seems to have his eye on the woods East of Herr's Ridge just over Fox Run. Gamble solidifies his positions on Herr's Ridge. The Union comes up with two more Buford chits and completes all the moves he wants to do. This includes Devin dismounting and moving into the woods East of Herr's Ridge. Also Gamble's right flank has evacuated the two breastworks on Belmont Schoolhouse Ridge. Even the horse artillery has fallen back to the East. Union does not take phasing fire against Pettigrew's exposed regiments. Union breechloader carbines are better close up. No need for Buford to take unnecessary operations and incur fatigue.

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