What kind of descisions are there to make in Ici, c'est la France!? I will show some here. First I would like to mention that it will be charged and produced within the next coming weeks. Hurry to pledge if you want the pledge-price. If you have already pledged for it (and perhaps Tonkin also) at the Khyber Pass site, then you have to re-pledge for it/them at www.legionwargames.com/legion_pre-order.php

First you have the political phase. Will you, as FLN, play a chit that will increase the political heat among the local French in Algeria or something that will stabilize the situation within FLN organisation (which will get you more resources and increase the chance of success when you attack the civil society). Perhaps you will play something that will expose the French brutality that will outrage the international community. As French you might want to play something to increase the chaos within FLN or something that will increase your superiority on the battlefield. Perhaps you will play something that lowers the temperature among the local French hotheads so to avoid any political crisis.

FLN recruits new fighters, but where? Which region needs them and how many? Should you save resources for attacks and insurgency and, if so, how much do you plan is needed for that? A region may shift, depending on how many FLN units there is in it, between French and FLN control or become just contested. FLN movement between the regions will cost if the region that you enter is French controlled, so how do you plan to move and where will you place the new units in regard to planned movement? Will you enter towns and cities? These will give some extra resources later on, but will you need it and can you spare the units?

Will you attack or will you save resources to conduct insurgency? You don't know whether there will be any regions where you can conduct insurgency since it depends on what the French do first.

As French, where will you prioritize to make your attacks? Which regions are most important to deny FLN contest/control? How many resources will you save for counterinsurgency? Which town and city do you wish to garrison in order to deny FLN of any future presence there?

When conducting insurgeny and counterinsurgency, which region will you chose? Will you, as French, use harsh methods in order to increase your chances of breaking FLN's grip of power there, even if it gives you infamy among the local population? Will you, as French, relocate the population so as to deny FLN its supply, even though the population will hate it?

Try the game. I believe it depicts very well the complexity and the uncertainty of an insurgency war.

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Comment by Kim Kanger on May 22, 2009 at 2:40pm
You can download the rules for ici here:

Comment by Kim Kanger on May 20, 2009 at 5:11am
Remember that you have to create an account at legion Wargames in order to pledge for games.
Comment by Kim Kanger on May 19, 2009 at 7:38am
We are thinking of offering the Ici rules already now as a pdf for you to download and read. Who would be interested in that?

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