Flashpoint: Central Front VII Corps Defense of Hof Gap

Flashpoint: Central Front, The VII Corps Defense of Hof Gap

I am in the process of playing the old SPI/S&T Central Front series using VG’s Flashpoint: Golan rules, new counters made by Chris Fawcett, and a few tweeks and rules by Dan Steuben. I spent some time reading and reconciling the various Moves and S&T articles, and old game rules, with the new counter manifest, and will shortly be creating a revised and comprehensive VII Corps scenario for Hof Gap. This scenario will be based on the original VII Corps scenario in the Hof Gap exclusive rules, but will include all of the updates and revisions, and will hopefully be a one-stop resource for playing Flashpoint: Central Front. My ambitious goal is to revise and rewrite every scenario in the Central Front exclusive rules (yes, all five games) so that players may have a comprehensive set of playable scenarios for this game. I love this game and this concept, and believe that Flashpoint: Central Front fills a niche that has partially gone away because of the changing military-political landscape, but not necessarily the interest of gamers.

I will also be posting an AAR for the VII Corps scenario. I have finished the pre-turn and Turn 1 for Hof Gap. This is my first experience with the FP:Golan rules, so I am sure I am not playing everything correctly. I am also focusing more on the ground campaign, but am trying to make as much use as I can of the HQ capabilities and air war.

Here is how the situation looked at the end of the first turn:

Both NATO and WP received Turn 1 and 2 OOB during Turn 1 in this scenario. The WP was the initiative player, and was able to activate two divisions before play resumed normally. I chose one CZ and one SU division to attack. The Soviet 6th Gd Tank zoomed down the autobahn north of Hof and waylaid the 2d ACR units there. The CZ 20th MR regiment attacked from the east and again ran into elements of 3d Squadron 2d ACR, and swept them aside. What was interesting was that for the first 6 or so chit draws, every one of them was a WP division. I did not plan this, but I think it was a good picture of reality (virtual reality!).

The 2d ACR was in forward positions and was pretty badly mauled during the first turn. Pre-game WP air strikes and the onslaught of the WP units beat them up pretty badly. With the East Germans and Soviets attacking from the North and the Czechs attacking from the east, NATO is in for a rough time.

Finally, I was able to activate several NATO units and was able to shore up a line in the south with the German 4th Panzer, and was able to move the US 1st Armored Division into a somewhat better position to meet the Russians. The German 12th Panzer and US 3rd ID were in bad spots, and I am attempting to get them situated to reinforce the Main and Regnitz River lines.

The Soviets have created a breakthrough along the autobahn running from Hof to Nurnberg, so this is the priority problem now for NATO. The US 1st AD will have to hold this line until help can arrive. The WP priorities are to exploit this breakthrough and continue to apply pressure on three basic fronts, all converging on Nurnberg. The WP will be as aggressive as possible. I am still trying to figure out how to integrate chemical weapons in this scenario, because I believe that in a scenario like this, they would be a definite part of the WP arsenal. Stay tuned for turn 2!

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Comment by Brett W Avants on December 27, 2009 at 9:47pm
Hey Lawrence; I think I read this somewhere, but I could be mistaken. There is a place called Eisenbach on the border between the two German states of Bavaria and Baden-Wurtemberg. Maybe that is where he had in mind! None of the other towns are there, though. Nonetheless, the games are great. I am anxious to get the Compendium and try the Arab-Israeli Wars scenarios using the same rules.
Comment by Lawrence Hung on December 27, 2009 at 8:21pm
"Although I think that Eisenbach Gap is technically a fictitious place created by Mark Walker as a general place in Germany during WW III."

Oh, is this official? Here is what it takes at CSW discussion board by Mark:

"World at War simulates, on a platoon-level, the war which began August 2, 1985 when Junior Lieutenant Yuri Andromnivitch's T-72 sent a 125mm HE round screaming into the guard tower on the ridge at Dankmarshausen, ripping mortar from rebar and sending head-sized chunks of concrete tumbling into the red-roofed houses below."

The ridge at Dankmarshausen...somewhere around a place called Eisenbach, Bergengipfel or Hugelsdorf? I am not familiar with the Germany geography but I think there is no need to make up a fictitous place as WWIII wargames don't have to.
Comment by Brett W Avants on December 27, 2009 at 9:19am
Hey Lawrence, Yes, I also like the LnL World at War series. They are very easy to play, and the components are wonderful. I have several of them and am eagerly awaiting the Compendium that should be out next month. Although I think that Eisenbach Gap is technically a fictitious place created by Mark Walker as a general place in Germany during WW III. Good games!

At some point for this series, I hope to have a monster game with all five Central Front maps on my ping pong table playing the entire WP invasion of Germany! Someday...
Comment by Stephen G on December 27, 2009 at 8:26am
Wow...interesting update for this series. One I have always wanted to play as the maps look so good. Will be following this with interest.
Comment by Lawrence Hung on December 27, 2009 at 3:27am
Brett, what an ambitious gameplay project! Have you come across World at War series games from LnL? They are concerned with actions around Eisenbach Gap, Rhine Valley. Are these areas covered in the SPI/ TSR Central Front series?

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